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Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is one of the largest research and educational centers for maritime and inland shipping, naval architecture, power plants, ports, IT, electrical engineering, and related industries in Russia, leading its history for more than 200 years.

In the structure of the University there are Maritime Academy, Waterway Transport Institution, International Transport Management Institution, Institution of Vocational Training, about 100 Academic and Research Departments, including Laboratories, Science and Training Centers.


The University has several affiliates in regional cities of the Russia, including Moscow, Murmansk, Archangelsk, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Pechora etc.

Total number of students exceeds 15000 (among them about 400 international students and cadets from 30 countries)
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With academic staff of about 1400 professors and researchers and throughout the modern concept of life-long learning the University offers all-level study programs leading to Bachelor, Master, Ship-, Deck-, IT- Engineer and Doctoral degrees.


Next four bachelor programmes recently has been accredited by IMarEST and enlisted in UK Engineering Council database:

  • Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Facilities: Operation of Port's Cargo Transshipment Equipment and Terminals;

  • Electrical Energy and Electrical Technics: Electric Drives and Automation;

  • Naval Architecture, Ocean Technics and Technical Systems of Marine Infrastructure: Naval Architecture;

  • Naval Architecture, Ocean Technics and Technical Systems of Marine Infrastructure: Ship Power Plants.


Under- and post-graduate students study and do research with domestic and foreign partners in transport business aimed on sustainable, safe, “green”, economically viable development of the shipping, port construction and operation, logistics, waterways, hydrotechnics and hydromechanics, naval architecture, shipbuilding and shiprepair, mechanical, electrical and IT engineering, navigation, economics, law and related fields.

We are proud to lead 9 applied research schools:

1) Technology of shipbuilding and shiprepair;

2) Automation and control of transport processes;

3) Automation of navigation and communication;

4) Waterways and hydrotechnical sites;

5) Hydrographycal maintenance of Arctic Route;

6) Ship’s internal combustion engines and heat energy equipment;

7) Telecommunication and radio-navigation technologies for waterway transport;

8) Economics and management for waterway transport.


For students there are available professional training and research facilities – focused both on seafaring and shore specializations. Among the best research facilities of University are Laboratory of CADMATIC Ship and Plant Design and Laboratory of Ships Seaworthiness.

Some examples of the up-to-day projects carried out by the Laboratory of Ships Seaworthiness, includes the following:

  • Research of navigability, maneuverability and seaworthiness of the vessel project 23130 (for the company “Nevsky Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yard”);

  • Calculation study of hydrodynamic rudder-steering system characteristics for unified platform carrier of small research vessels (for the company “Engineering Center of Shipbuilding”);

  • Research of the purging process of the water intake headings of the “Vodokanal of St.-Petersburg” main waterworks station (for the company “Strong-Filter”);

  • Research of maneuvering parameters of the m/v “Princess Maria” (for the company AB “DFDS Seaways”);

  • Research of steer ability and maneuvering parameters of the vessel project 2967/3132 “Arkadiy Filatov” (for the company “Nevsky Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yard”);

  • Research on computational technique using for calculation of safe berths accessing opportunities for vessels in weather and shallow waters conditions at Sea Port of St-Petersburg.

For further information, please, contact

Anatoly Burkov, PhD (Marine Eng. Econ.) 
Deputy Director, Office of Foreign Students 

Associated Professor of Organization of Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Yards Department
Ph.+7 812 7489717; +7 812 7489716;
Mob. +7 909 5899801 
Dvinskaya str. 5/7, St.-Petersburg, 198035, Russia 


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