SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2018

SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2018 #SFAEM2018 is high level executive meeting, where the top management of the Baltic Sea Ropax and RoRo shipowners and operators and the port management and operators will gather together to discuss the current business and its future under a theme "(Ro)PAX and Intelligent Ports". 

As RoPax and RoRo passenger business is dependent on the cargo, we will discuss the necessary service areas and synergies of ports serving both segments equally well, yet with differentiated service models.  We will also expand the term "port" to cover the regions consisting of air-and-sea hubs and discuss the interests of different clientele from the overseas passengers to the locals.

Passenger safety and needs in relation to digital services from the minute of considering travelling to finishing it will be discussed.

The #SFAEM2018 personal meeting invitations was sent to those industry and stakeholders, which possess expertise or professional views supporting our theme of the year "Intelligent Ports" and the meeting topic "(Ro)Pax and Intelligent Ports".

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The invitations were personal invitations and each participant of the meeting was expected to participate the meeting in an interactive manner and be prepared to give input to the presenters' discussions. The meeting was a closed meeting and aimed to identify important industry specific areas of development.


These areas will be further worked on in post-SFAEM2018 different workshops organised by SeaFocus and its partners in different countries.

The #SFAEM2018 took place May 29th, 2018 at Ostpreussenkai, Lübeck-Travemünde, Germany.

Photo: Karl Erhard Voegele

Photo: Christiane Schroeder

Photo: Michael Imhoff

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