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Aker Arctic Technology Inc - The Ice Technology Partner

Aker Arctic is an independent company specialising in development, design, engineering, consulting and testing services for ice-going vessels, icebreakers, offshore marine structures, Antarctic and Polar cruise vessels, marine transport solutions and ports. It’s a global company with offices in Finland, Canada and Russia. This combined with our extensive experience and the world’s largest Arctic reference for icebreakers and ice going vessels means we are uniquely placed to bring the benefits of our solutions to our customers.

Our experienced, highly qualified and innovative personnel are able to provide our customers with specialised arctic know-how, as well as innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions for Arctic development projects. The company operates a special test facility in Helsinki. This combined with our extensive experience and the world’s largest Arctic reference for icebreakers means we are uniquely placed to bring the benefits of our solutions to our customers. We are always actively seeking new technologies and working with our partners to turn them into successes.

Our past references include designs for 60% of all the world's icebreakers, many Arctic or Antarctic research vessels, and a large variety of cargo vessels and concepts for offshore structures. We have performed hundreds of scale model and full-size tests. We have produced hundreds of reports and studies of operating and transporting goods from the Arctic environment in various challenging locations.

Wide range of services on ice-going ships and Arctic - and Antarctic - shipping

Aker Arctic offers clients development, design and testing services. In addition, the company also markets and sells complete ice-going ship projects. The client's ships can be built at any qualified yard, designed, tested, and supervised, by Aker Arctic.  

Aker Arctic offers ship owners and shipyards professional help with their ice-going ship designs. There is a great potential in saving money by utilizing our experienced knowledge and assistance regarding design and selection of technology. A new contracting service, where Aker Arctic takes full responsibility for ordering and delivering special components and systems for ice-going vessels from selected partners, is now available for shipbuilders.

The International Maritime Organization's new Polar Code comes into force in 2017. The Polar Code contains new certificates, technical requirements and procedures, which have to be complied before entering the Polar waters. Aker Arctic has the required experience and know-how to assist ship owners and operators to comply with the various requirements of the Polar Code. These services include ship design, crew training and documentation services. One of the demands in the Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) is that all vessels are required to have a Polar Water Operations Manual (PWOM) on board the vessel. The basic manual will be ready during this year and then adapted to meet the requirements for each specific vessel.


Range of services

  • Designs of all type of ice-going ships, concept and classification designs

  • Vessel construction support

  • Ice and open water model testing services

  • Offshore structures, concepts,ice loads and model testing evaluations

  • Port engineering

  • Studies, environmental conditions, design criteria, transport evaluations

  • Ice Management, loading/off-loading in ports, offshore rig ice pile-up handling

  • Special Ice Simulator for the icebreaking and offshore operations

  • Other cold environment technology

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