SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting

SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting  (#SFAEM) is a closed high profile and high substance meeting for maritime executives and their stakeholders. The top level industry professionals and representatives share their views around the theme of each year, as business owners, clients, or other stakeholders.

What are the roles of different players today and in the future? Who will survive and how to survive and by what means? Who will be targets of acquisitions or inevitable consolidation plans and who will be the winner in this chess? Where do we stand in the minute, where things do not work as they should? How do we take care of our irregularities management processes not to avoid the worst only but to turn all this into a competitive advantage? Can we learn from other industries something to avoid spending time and intelligence in vain? What is the future ship and energy used and how all this will affect the future jobs and education? Are we ready to adapt the development as quickly as the technological solutions would enable us? These for example are issues that have been on the agenda at the Annual Executive Meetings.

Be part of the platform and bring your own impact to the discussion. Benefit from the flagships of the industry and their willingness to share their views. Give input to them and become their top vendor or strategic partner.

> #SFAEM2020 - Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain - Shippers´ Voices

Rescheduled to Autumn, Hotel Kämp, Helsinki, Finland

> #SFAEM2019 - Environmental Regulations and the Future Northern Cargo Flows

May 13-14th, 2019, M/S Tallink Europe and
M/S Megastar, Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki

> #SFAEM2018 - (Ro)PAX and Intelligent Ports

May 29th, 2018, Luebeck, Germany

> #SFAEM2017 - Merchant Shipping Scenarios 2030

May 15th, 2017, Kansallissali, Helsinki, Finland

> #SFAEM2016 - Intelligent Investments

June 8-9th, 2016, M/S Viking Grace, Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki

Photo Credits: Tallink Silja and Port of Tallinn

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