SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2017

SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2017 was held May 15th, 2017 at Kansallissali, Helsinki, Finland. The theme of the year “Merchant Shipping Scenarios 2030” was enlightened by the top maritime leaders in their visions of where this industry will be in 13 years time.

2030 is on our doorstep!

The theme covered areas from leadership, careers, portfolio management, energy efficiency, M&A, to operational matters like how to be ready to online platforms going deep to the shipping business and providing the traditional freight forwarders’ basic services to the clients.

After the #SFAEM Conference the participants were invited to join FINNLINES´ 70 Years Anniversary Celebration on board MS Finnmaid at South Harbour, Helsinki

Among others these questions were tackled during the day

  • What are the roles of different players today and in the future?

  • Who will survive and how to survive and by what means?

  • Who will be targets of acquisitions or inevitable consolidation plans and who will be the winner in this chess?

  • Where do we stand in the minute, where things do not work as they should?

  • How do we take care of our irregularities management processes not to avoid the worst only but to turn all this into a competitive advantage?

  • Can we learn from other industries something to avoid spending time and intelligence in vain?

  • What is the future ship and energy used and how all this will affect the future jobs and education?

  • Are we ready to adapt the development as quickly as the technological solutions would enable us?

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