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Arctia Ltd. – a world-leading polar maritime service partner
Arctia Ltd. is a limited company owned by the state of Finland. The company’s line of business is the provision of icebreaking services, specialized multipurpose vessel and offshore support services, along with the management and chartering of ships in Finland and abroad.

The principal task of Arctia is to ensure the smooth flow of winter navigation so as to enable the daily work of Finnish industry and citizens to proceed without disruptions caused by ice conditions. Arctia’s icebreakers operate in the Bay of Bothnia and elsewhere in the Baltic Sea when required by weather conditions, ensuring reliable sea connections. Arctia’s icebreaking services include assisting vessels as well as route planning and related traffic control services. Icebreakers ensure the safety of winter navigation and assist merchant vessels by opening lanes, towing ships and dislodging vessels from ice.
Arctia also exports Finnish icebreaking expertise abroad. The company has experience from both the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage, as well as offshore operations in Alaska, Greenland and elsewhere in the Arctic. Arctia’s customer base includes international oil and gas companies as well as companies providing seismic data. Arctia’s offshore services include, but are not restricted to, ice management, pipe and cable laying, towing, service work for production platforms, and the installation and maintenance of underwater structures.
Arctia continues the 125-year-old Finnish icebreaking tradition by deploying one of the strongest icebreaker fleets in the world. The fleet includes three traditional icebreakers called Voima (built in 1954), Urho (1975) and Sisu (1976), a converted polar icebreaker Otso (1986), an oil recovery icebreaker Kontio (1987), two multipurpose icebreakers called Fennica (1993) and Nordica (1994), and a state-of-the-art harbor icebreaker Ahto (2014).
In 2016 icebreaker Polaris will join Arctia’s fleet. Polaris is powered by both diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), which significantly reduces both carbon emissions and fuel costs. It is the most environmentally friendly icebreaker in the world.

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