Saana Rantanen
Business Development Manager

Saana Rantanen acts as a Business Development Manager for SeaFocus.


She is a future orientated person and enjoys creating something new by thinking transcend boundaries of traditional sectors and disciplines.


Saana Rantanen has earlier worked in construction industry and in B&B sales. Furthermore she has  been working as an intern at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, department of Development Policy. Prior to that she worked as a Project Coordinator organizing a public event ‘1st of May’ in city of Turku, an event with approximately 10 000 participants. Saana was also a Finalist at the Intelligence Hunt competition twice and worked as a SeaFocus Trainee responsible for Sustainable Strategies and Projects. She has also been part of the international research team exploring the fairness and bias in automated decision-making process.

Saana’s work as a Business Development Manager will be largely related to strengthening the existing customer relationships, securing the service quality of all client groups and mentoring the trainees. She will also take an active role in sales, marketing and project management in the upcoming Intelligence Hunt 6 project. 

Saana has lived years in Australia where the passion for oceans and maritime industry started with. She gets her inspiration from international atmosphere and challenges that require analytical and strategic thinking and strives to achieve excellent expertise in project management.

Her motto is "Creativity is intelligence having fun!"

“I am looking forward in developing Intelligence Hunt student and case company competition further and to pursue my ideas into action in order to make maritime industry more sustainable, efficient, collaborative and wisely digitalized by bringing the young talents and essential stakeholders together from all around the globe", says Saana.



  • University of Turku, Faculty of Social Sciences (2019)



  • Duke University and University of Helsinki: SICSS Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (2018)

  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department of Development Policy: Finland’s development policy and co-operation (2018)

  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department of Development Policy: Result Base Management (RBM) (2018)

  • Maastricht University of Business and Economics: Crucial Differences in the 21st century 



Finnish, English, Swedish (Basics)




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