Capture the Best of the Future & Join the Intelligence Hunt May 18 2017
Blog: Ulla Keino, Chairman of the Board, SeaFocus
Published May 2nd, 2017

Why would you tolerate a train trip or a traffic jam to get to a Science Centre for 2 hours from your otherwise busy morning calendar on Thursday, May 18?

We bring to you 4 industry leaders with their career stories and why they want to inspire the young talents to this industry. In just 60 minutes you will hear these great stories and how the educational paths and decisions have influenced their careers. With them we might even want to consider establishing something great for the youth interested in our industry in the years to come.


Our inspiring leader speakers. Tiina Tuurnala, Managing Director, Finnish Shipowners' Association, Marthe Lamp Sandvik, Head of Young@Norshipping, Håkan Fagerström, Group Head of Cargo, Tallink Grupp, Thomas Doepel, Head of Group Purchasing, Member of Executive Committee, Finnlines. We do everything with passion and inspiration, and want to share this passion with you!We want to find new fascinating business ideas to ourselves and new business opportunities to our stakeholders, YOU!






Therefore in the next 1 hour you will hear 13 company cases, each 5 minutes. You will know what your competitors, or customers are challenged by and what motivates them to get the problem solved by totally fresh young talents. You will understand better how to become their preferred supplier, or a partner, how to deliver them value addition. Or perhaps you have the same challenge but you did not know how to solve it?

In case you do not need the inspiration by our great, young, dynamic inspiring leader speakers, you could go back to the office and return in the afternoon. But why would you try to make it to Heureka after your maybe 5 variably important meetings booked by someone else to your calendar, just before you get home to actually find time to think why you are working in the company you are? Another 1,5 hours of your valuable time spent for what?

Well, you just simply need the energy to continue your own work with passion, to keep up with the young ones that are following your steps. They are better than you are, they are quicker than you are - but they do NOT have the experience you have. You need each other! IN our platform you can find the young talents. After registration to our event you will get a password and get to know the candidates in advance. Before the actual Challenge Battle Day of the Intelligence Hunt, May 18.

You may need a young right hand or someone to delegate part of your workload to be able to bring value addition to your boss or your customer? Or you may just need to realise how thinking out of the box makes miracles and you figured out the problem you have had on your table the last month, based on what you heard in these 90 minutes. You have almost 40 candidates to choose from your future business intelligence forces. You will see them live on stage– presenting their suggestions to the 13 companies and wishing to be chosen by one of the companies or by YOU – to their dream job or to the beginning of it – to write a Master’s Thesis.

Join us to build a better future for the industries and human beings depending on the maritime business. Isnt’t this actually all of us? Without shipping you may forget about your morning coffee!

Our jury will pick the winners and we are happy to welcome you also to provide the awards. If you want visibility as a “Great employer” – this is the best place to show it.

Our Jury. Tapio Koivu, CEO, Heureka Science Centre, Petri Kalliokoski, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services (KIPS), VTT, Deputy CEO, VTT, Marthe Lamp Sandvik, Head of Young@Norshipping, Miki Toivonen, Student at Aalto University Business School.












Join the Incredible Intelligence Hunt and Come and Capture the Best of the Future! Before the other ones do.

Tallink Silja is our Event Partner and one of the 13 Company Cases. Finnlines is our Strategic Partner and also one of the cases. Our two other partners Norsepower and Nanol are also there, accompanied by Climeon, Steerprop, Deltamarin, LedZed, Aker Arctic Technology, EVAC, Bore, Kuehne+Nagel and Finnish Transport Agency.


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