Intelligence Hunt®, May 18th, 2017, Heureka Science Centre


FINNLINES: Lean Management of Quick Demand Changes in Liner Service Operations

NORSEPOWER: How to Offer Norsepower Rotor Sails as a Service?

BORE: How to handle Big Data in a small Shipping Company?

KUEHNE+NAGEL: How can Marine Logistics Benefit from 4PL Concept

THE FINNISH TRANSPORT AGENCY: Optimization and utilization of various telecommunication capacity in fairways

TALLINKSILJA: Value Added Sales within in the Transportation Chain

DELTAMARIN: Utilization of Total Cost of Ownership Model to Enhance Deltamarin’s Added Value

EVAC: Artificial Intelligence in a Pile of Garbage

NANOL TECHNOLOGIES: How to get Nanol into the customer market?


CLIMEON: Alternative business models instead of traditional asset sales

STEERPROP: How to analyze and compare energy efficiency of electric driven azimuth propulsors and electric pods?

LEDZED: LedZed tailored led light solutions for marine qualifications

AKER ARCTIC TECHNOLOGY: Icebreaking challenge - What to do on summer time?

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