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  • MEYER TURKU: Global Megatrends and Their Effects on Cruising and on the
    Technologies Used at Cruise Ships

  • PORT OF NAANTALI & STEVENA: Cargo Flows of Circular Economy and Sustainable Port Operations – Opportunities and Challenges

  • ESL SHIPPING: Infobridge – a Quest for More Data-Driven Vessel Operations and Technical Management

  • MACGREGOR: Quantifiable Environmental Benefits of MacGregor Solutions

  • PORT OF RAAHE: Sustainable Port Towards Future Challenges

  • PORT OF KALAJOKI & RAHJA STEVEDORING: Increasing Customer Base and Traffic at the Port of Kalajoki

  • SWECO: Harbour2100

  • PORT OF KOKKOLA: Water Treatment in Terminals of Dry Bulk Ports in Europe - Best Practices

  • FINNLINES: Scaling Up a Strong Port Partnership and a RoPax Concept to a New
    Sustainable and Attractive Joined Passenger Service Concept

  • PORT OF NAANTALI: Sustainable and Responsible Port Development Concept in
    Partnership with a Strong Shipowner

  • MAERSK: Biofuels: A Sustainable, Safe and Enforceable Solution for Maritime Transport?

  • NAVIGATE, Turku Trade Fair: Maritime 4.0 - Managing & Monetizing the Employment Shift: Gender, Demographics, Education, Trade Patterns and Environment

  • CODOGNOTTO: Digitalization of European Transport Corridors - Optimization of the Shortsea IT-ES-IT Corridor

  • WÄRTSILÄ: Route Ranking Case: Ferry as a Part of Transport Chain - the WINNER CASE

  • PORT OF RIGA: How to Build a State of Art Emission Monitoring System to Port of Riga?

  • AEROMON: How to Expand a Company with Wide Range of Emission Monitoring Services and Technology to a European Level Flagship?

  • C & C PORT AGENCY: Redefining the Port Agency Value Proposition for Cruise Majors
    and Passenger Vessel Principals Calling Finland

  • CROWN: Customers for Life – Optimizing the Omni-Channel Service Delivery Through

  • RANTEK, MASLOG AND RMK VEHICLE: Electronic Motors and High Effective Hybrids - How They Could Benefit the Marine Industry?

  • SWECO: AI in Design of Harbors, Bridges and Other Infrastructures

  • TALLINK SILJA CARGO: Data Makes the World Go Round – How to Use Data to Generate More Business and Have Even Happier Customers in the Future?

  • WÄRTSILÄ: Smart Ports for Smart Ships

  • YVONNE RYDING COSMETICS: Yvonne Ryding Cosmetics Goes East – Case Study of a Market Entry Strategy to the Russian Market - the WINNER CASE

  • ARCTECH HELSINKI SHIPYARD: Improved Information and Material Handling in Shipbuilding Through IOT


  • FINNLINES /STORA ENSO: The Future Short Sea Concepts – a Cargo Mix Trend Study for Vessel and Cargo Handling Development / Baltic and North Sea

  • MACGREGOR: Cargo Identifying and Tracking System - the WINNER CASE

  • NANOL TECHNOLOGIES: Nanol® Power+ – Optimized Service Concept for Marine Customers

  • NAVIDIUM: Improved ETA Accuracy – Feasibility Study for ETA to a Berth

  • PORT OF HELSINKI: Traffic Flow Optimization Through Real-Time Traffic Data

  • STENA LINE: How to Create the First Climate Neutral Port?

  • STENA LINE: How to Improve the Ferry Turnaround Time in the Port by 10 Minutes?

  • WÄRTSILÄ: Future Hub for Autonomous Transport Systems

  • ARCTECH HELSINKI SHIPYARD: Observing the Sensitive Polar Nature in the Design of Expedition Cruisers

  • CLIMEON: Sulphur Directive. What Happens to the Maritime Companies if They Don't Comply? What are the Various Initiatives to Reach the Required Levels?

  • DFDS: Dramatically Changing the Predicted Path of GHG Emissions from the Shipping Sector – Devising a Viable Global Maritime Speed Reduction Scheme

  • FINNLINES: Materiality of Shipping Company’s Environmental Sustainability to External Stake Holders – Cause / Impact Analysis

  • MACGREGOR: Simulation and Optimization for Improved Efficiency of Vehicle Loading / Discharging for RoPax-Ferries

  • MONDI ÖREBRO: Developing Sustainable, Transparent and High Quality Overseas Logistics

  • NATIONAL EMERGENCY SUPPLY AGENCY: Incident Management - Modern and Functional Communication Methods and Technologies to Reach all the Citizens in a Certain Area, Irrespective of Demographics

  • PORT OF HELSINKI: Sustainable Energy Sources for Shipping in the Future

  • SEAFOCUS: Port – Airport. RoPax – Wide-body. Potential Areas for Cross Industry Knowledge Sharing

  • STENA RORO: How to Decrease the Manning Cost of Existing RoPax Tonnage with 30 % through Disruptive Technology Paving way for Autonomous Ships?

  • STEVECO: How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Port Operations?

  • TALLINK SILJA: Sustainable Procedures for Effective Check-in and Loading Routines of Cargo Units to Ships Sailing in the Baltic Sea

  • VAROVA: Outsourcing the Logistics Planning – Building a Business Case to 4 Different Customer Segments to Support the KAM and Sales - the WINNER CASE

  • AKER ARCTIC TECHNOLOGY: Icebreaking Challenge - What to Do on Summer Time?

  • BORE: How to Handle Big Data in a Small Shipping Company?

  • CLIMEON: Alternative Business Models Instead of Traditional Asset Sales

  • DELTAMARIN: Utilization of Total Cost of Ownership Model to Enhance
    Deltamarin’s Added Value - the WINNER CASE

  • EVAC: Artificial Intelligence in a Pile of Garbage

  • FINNLINES: Lean Management of Quick Demand Changes in Liner Service Operations

  • KUEHNE+NAGEL: How Can Marine Logistics Benefit from 4PL Concept

  • LEDZED: LedZed Tailored Led Light Solutions for Marine Qualifications

  • NANOL TECHNOLOGIES: How to Get Nanol into the Customer Market?

  • NORSEPOWER: How to Offer Norsepower Rotor Sails as a Service?

  • STEERPROP: How to Analyze and Compare Energy Efficiency of Electric Driven Azimuth Propulsors and Electric Pods?

  • TALLINK SILJA: Value Added Sales within in the Transportation Chain

  • ​THE FINNISH TRANSPORT AGENCY: Optimization and Utilization of Various Telecommunication Capacity in Fairways

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