Finals November 14th, 2017
at M/S Silja Serenade in the Port of Helsinki
Company Cases

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Case 1 Finnlines


“Materiality of shipping company’s environmental sustainability to external stake holders – cause / impact analysis”

> VIDEO Finnlines

Case 2 Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

”Observing the sensitive polar nature in the design of expedition cruisers”

> VIDEO Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

Case 3 Port of Helsinki

"Sustainable energy sources for shipping in the future"

> VIDEO Port of Helsinki

Case 4 Climeon


"Sulphur Directive.What happens to the Maritime companies if they don't comply? What are the various initiatives to reach the required levels?"

> VIDEO Climeon 

Case 5 DFDS

“Dramatically changing the predicted path of GHG emissions from the shipping sector – Devising a viable Global Maritime Speed reduction scheme”

Case 6 Steveco

“How to improve energy efficiency in port operations?”

> VIDEO Steveco

Case 7 Stena RoRo


“How to decrease the manning cost of existing ropax tonnage with 30 % through disruptive technology paving way for autonomous ships?”

> VIDEO StenaRoRo

Case 8 Tallink Silja


“Sustainable procedures for effective check-in and loading routines of cargo units to ships sailing in the Baltic Sea”

Case 9 National Emergency Supply Agency 

 “Incident management - Modern and functional communication methods and technologies to reach all the citizens in a certain area, irrespective of demographics”

> VIDEO Nesa

Case 10 Varova 

“Outsourcing the logistics planning – Building a business case to 4 different customer segments to support the KAM and sales “

> VIDEO Varova

Case 11 MONDI Örebro

"Developing sustainable, transparent and high quality overseas logistics."

> VIDEO Mondi

Case 12 MacGregor  

 "Simulation and optimization for improved efficiency of vehicle loading/discharging for RoPax-Ferries"

> VIDEO MacGregor

Case 13 SeaFocus

"Port – Airport. RoPax – Wide-body. Potential areas for cross industry knowledge sharing."

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