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Blog: Ulla Keino, Co-Founder, Executive Director, SeaFocus®
Published 5.11.2015

SeaFocus® is a platform bringing the latest and the most recent topics to the table among the wide range of Leaders in the Maritime Industries. This is a forum, where the ideas are put into the action!  SeaFocus® is a platform to develop the Maritime Industry and spread valuable information to the network within.
SeaFocus® is not just a "Once a Year" -event – it’s a platform On Line Web-platform for sharing information. SeaFocus® is not just a webpage – it is a channel for networking and brand imaging.SeaFocus® is not a recruiting channel – but it can be an opportunity!
SeaFocus® was established in 2006 by a very dedicated team, with one goal in mind: “We want to aim high! In the next 20 years SeaFocus® will be the Leading Event in the whole of Europe for Maritime Leaders to join and meet each other and to talk about the real critical topics which need to be solved – Together”.
As of today, we have 11 years to go to reach our original goal of becoming the best in the industry, and still, we have not seen any reason to change our vision, even though tools for this journey have just been adjusted. We can change and improve the concept but the aim stays the same: “To improve the business conditions of the Maritime Industry, to bring the key interest groups together and with joint synergies, to tackle the current and future challenges ahead”.
Do you use the social media daily, weekly, monthly or ever? Do you take part into conferences, trade fairs or smaller events trying to meet those colleagues you can’t meet in your office? Have you lost a job, wanted to find a good employee, or needed an experienced discussion partner for some hard decisions from the industry you most like?


SeaFocus®  enables all this. You can become an active participant and share your thoughts, challenge your competitors or colleagues, with integrity. You can bring interesting news of the industry for the rest of us to read. In addition, by joining to the Annual Executive Meeting, and during the dinner, you might have an opportunity to meet with your potential client or subcontractor. By using our already established network and the Business Platform you may improve your image and increase the awareness for your services or products, worldwide. 

Naturally, there are similar, surely even perhaps better known events and platforms available, but SeaFocus® is offering you a new, competitive alternative. We believe in team work and building partnerships without any borders or limitations! SeaFocus® welcomes all the other organizations with similar missions to join us – why not use our platform to inform about your event? By using our platform, you can reach a larger audience and we can share the experience.
The only one serious competitor we really have in today’s world is the recession, and we want to win this battle. Together we can initiate smaller or bigger areas of co-operation, which will lead to new business opportunities and, hopefully, to success stories.
We want to be realistic and avoid any false promises. But, we promise to continuously and without giving up, bring the critical issues of the Maritime Industry openly on the table which will improve the related businesses. We want to keep our focus on the good news but yet, still realistic. By bringing the latest information into the daylight, we want to introduce a solution or best practices for the future actions.
Our lifestyle is based on positive thinking and building businesses from scratch or even from an impossible scratch to a success story. SeaFocus® is not a mission impossible!

ADVISORY BOARD -  “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." - Kierkegaard, 19th century philosopher
SeaFocus® wants to be dynamic and inspirational, and challenge the way of thinking, while at the same time, preserving traditions and history as our respected guidelines.
SeaFocus® will, most of all, respect the Maritime History and all the years of experience in it. Therefore we have established a SeaFocus® Advisory Board, in order to secure the quality in everything we do. The members of the Advisory Board cover the following areas of expertise in the Maritime industry:

  • Merchant shipping

  • Finance and investments

  • Technology, energy saving, shipbuilding

  • Legal and risk management

  • Environment and safety

  • Offshore


The “SeaFocusers” follow the trends, market analyses, BWI, DBI. They study the future scenarios of the Classes, projects and thesis from different Maritime Universities, EU projects, and discuss continuously with the other Maritime and business leaders and their clients in order to recognize what will be the most important issues to bring up in the Annual Executive Meetings each year.
Based on all of this, during the term 2015-2016, our focus will be mainly around the Baltic Sea and we are pleased to announce that our optimistic theme for the 10th anniversary year will be: “Intelligent Investments”
Save the date for the SeaFocus® Annual Executive Meeting on board M/S Viking Grace 8th -9th June 2016!

Welcome to the SeaFocus® World!

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