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Mr. Guido Grimaldi, Corporate Short Sea Shipping Commercial Director, Grimaldi Group
Panelist at the AEM 2017: Corporate Portfolio Managemenet and M&A

Mr GUIDO GRIMALDI was born in London on the 26th of August 1983. He is Corporate Short Sea Shipping Commercial Director of his family company, Grimaldi Group, managing Mediterranean, Baltic and Adriatic sea connections. Mr Guido Grimaldi joined his family company in 2005 following his graduation in Economics.


Mr Guido Grimaldi is a member of the Commission for Short Sea Line of Confitarma. He is also a board member of Fondazione Grimaldi Onlus. Furthermore he joined the Aspen Junior Fellow in July 2013.


In 2012, since the constitution of Grimaldi Tunis, Mr Guido Grimaldi has been nominated member of the Board of Directors; previously in 2011 he was appointed member of Board of Directors of Grimaldi Maroc, Grimaldi Logistica Genova and, since September, he was part of the Executive Council of the “Libyan – Italian Friendship and Cooperation”.


From 2008 to 2012, Mr Guido Grimaldi was Commercial Manager of Grimaldi Short Sea lines and, under his supervision, Grimaldi Short Sea network has been expanding thanks to the launch of new lines in Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. Meanwhile he could enlarge his professional background in transport and logistics field by attending the MBA Master “Automotive Logistics” of ECG Academy (European Vehicle Logistics Association).

When he was 22, he got Degree in Economics at the University Federico II. During his studies he has cultivated his passion for horses becoming in 2001 Italian Champion of Show Jumping.

In 2016, since the constitution of Grimaldi Sardinia, Mr Guido Grimaldi has been nominated as President of the Board of director. In 2016, since the constitution of ALIS (Associazione Logistica dell’Intermodalità Sostenibile), he has been nominated as President.


In 2017, since the constitution of Un Calcio per Tutti Onlus, Mr Guido Grimaldi has been nominated as Honorary President. In 2017 he has been nominated as President of Grimaldi Catania Agency.


With a long experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Group is specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries. It is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. Through its maritime services, the Naples-based Group also transports containers, palletised/unitised cargo and passengers with a modern fleet of more than 110 ro/ro multipurpose vessels, pure car carriers and ferries, 30 of which built in the last five years.

The Group’s presence in the maritime transport of vehicles started in 1969 when it introduced a regular service between Italy and England. The Group rapidly gained the trust of other major car manufacturers who chose Grimaldi’s vessels to transport their production from North Europe to various Mediterranean countries. Throughout the years the Group rapidly developed and now serves over 120 ports in 47 countries in the Mediterranean Sea, North Europe, West Africa, North and South America. The shore personnel and crew are nearly 13,000 people.

The Grimaldi Group comprises six main shipping companies, including Atlantic Container Line (ACL), Malta Motorways of the Sea (MMS), Finnlines and Minoan Lines. The Finnish company Finnlines runs a fleet of ro/pax and ro/ro vessels in the Baltic Sea and North Europe, while the Greek ferry company Minoan Lines operates ro/pax services between between Piraeus and Crete.

The Grimaldi Group has also evolved to become a multimodal transport operator offering “door to door” logistics services. For this purpose, it currently operates, together with strategic partners, various car and container terminals totalling over 5.4 million sq. metres in the Mediterranean, North Europe and West Africa as well as trucking companies for the transport of cars and containers.

In recent years, the Group has also invested in the development of the Motorways of the Sea in the Mediterranean Sea introducing new and modern ro-pax ferries. Currently, its network covers Italy, Spain, Malta, Montenegro, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Greece for the transport of trailers, cars and passengers.

The high quality services offered by the Grimaldi Group is being regularly awarded by its international clientele such as General Motors, Fiat Auto, Ford, Honda and Land Rover.

Finally, the Grimaldi Group is the first Italian shipping company to have obtained the SMS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for Safety, Quality and Environment. Moreover, the Grimaldi Group is also the first shipping company in Italy to be awarded the status of Authorized Economic Operator - Complete (AEO-F).


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