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Our modern, Nordic way of life would not be possible without trade. And trade, in our part of the world, could not take place without shipping. Shipping is not an unavoidable cost but rather a central element in the supply chain, its reliability and quality. While the supply chain is a complex system, comprising of a large number of parties, shipping has a big impact on the central element of customer service, i.e., delivery reliability.

SeaFocus 2013, May 20-21st
Changing Trends - from Operational to Strategic Shipping

SeaFocus was held for the 6th time in Hanasaari Conference Centre. We heard interesing presentation from the industry´s and its customer´s as well as domestic and international point of views. This year the second part of the seminar, the excursion was to St.Petersburg, where we travelled on St. Peter Line´s cruiser m/s Princess Maria. In St. Petersburg we visited the new passanger terminal Marine Facade and had an excursion around the beautiful city.

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SeaFocus 2011
Shipping and Shopping

SeaFocus celebrated its 5th anniversary under the tittle "Shipping and Shopping" covering the main topics from both the industry´s and its customer´s point of view. The excursion was to the Sjöhistoriska Museum, Stockholm including the Shipping and Shopping exhibition and the exclusive exhibition of the Master of the Marine Art, Ivan Aivazovsky, brought from the collection of the Central Naval Museum of St.Petersburg. The Partners of the Seminar were Viking Line Oy Ab, St.PeterLine and Sjöhistoriska Museum (the Maritime Museum in Stockholm).

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SeaFocus 2010
Intelligent Shipping

The tittle of the 4th SeaFocus seminar was "Intelligent Shipping" covering the topics from safe container handling and effective operations up to designing modern equipment as well as vessails and cruisers. The excursion was made to the STX Finland´s shipyard in Turku, where we had an opportunity to visit on of the wordl´s biggest cruisers "the Allure of the Seas". The Partners of the Seminar were Konecranes Oyj, STX Finland Oy  and Arctia Shipping Oy.

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SeaFocus 2009
Environment, Energy & Economy

The tittle of the 3rd SeaFocus seminar was "Environment, Energy & Economy".

The excursion was made to the new port of Helsinki - Vuosaari - and the Nurminen Logistics Oyj´s Logistics Centre there. The Partners of the Seminar were Finnlines Oyj and Nurminen Logistics Oyj.

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SeaFocus 2008
The Challenges and New Logistics Solutions for the Trade at the Northern Baltic Sea

The excursion was made to the Meriliikennekeskus and Icebreaker Urho. The Partners of the Seminar were Merenkulkulaitos, Finnlines Oyj and  Finstaship.

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SeaFocus 2007
The Baltic Sea is the fastest growing market area in Europe 

The excursion was made to the new, still under constraction at the time, port of Helsinki - Vuosaari. The Partners of the Seminar were the Port of Helsinki and Sponda Oyj.

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