ICT met MARITIME, April 4th, 2016

City of Helsinki with its MERIT -project and SeFocus together organised an event ICT meets MARITIME April 4th, 2016, at the Heureka Science Centre, Vantaa, Finland, where 19 ICT companies presented their solutions - products and services to the maritime industry. During the afternoon these companies made their pitch and met potential clients. The event gathered over 80 interested stakeholders.


The MERIT project is a substantial move by the City of Helsinki and an effort to support both nationwide and local marine business activities.
The project is led from the City of Helsinki Economic Development division and the leader in charge of the project is Ulla Tapaninen.

> Presentations of the ICT companies available

In order to get an access to the materials you need a password.

The distinguished Jury: Reijo Krook, Vice President Internal Audit & Quality Systems, Finnlines Plc., Christer Ekblad, Head of Logistics, Repair and Configuration at Teracom AB, Stockholm Sweden and Tapio Koivu, Executive Director of the HEUREKA Science Centre worked through the whole event listening the presentations and asking questions. By the end of the day the winners were nominated.



The Winners: Toni Lindén, CEO, KNL Networks, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower and Niko Polvinen, Business Development Officer, Conexbird

Argumentations of the Jury



> The Winner, KNL Networks, ”Kyynel
The "on-line always” and its feature to function anywhere using HF-frequencies seems to be an innovative approach. The solution compliments satellite communications and offers a cost effective way for basic communication needs. The company has its own intellectual property. The product itself provides a clear value-add, seems to have a global market and the scalability seems obvious.

> The First Runner-up Norsepower
The company offers a very novel and effective way to convert wind energy into propulsion. The energy savings and pay-back have been tested and verified in some regions, which gives a good chance for scaling and growth. The ”pay-as-you-save” model offers a sensible marketing argument.

> The Second Runner-up ConexBird

The company offers a good solution to a very burning and relevant problem. Although the company is in a start-up phase, it has been able to secure customers. The ”pay-for-results” business model is sensible and understandable. The pitch itself was prepared well and very understandable.

The Jury emphasized that many of the companies had exceptionally good offerings and addressed the issues of ICT and maritime business well. It was challenging to select the winners given that the time given to analyze each company in depth was not long. All the presenting companies had made great effort to prepare, and the judges appreciated the work everyone had done.


The 19 ICT candidate companies

1. Aikumo - www.aikumo.com

2. Asansecurity - www.asansecurity.com

3. Conexbird - www.conexbird.com

4. Eminko - www.eminko.com

5. Esri Finland - www.esri.fi

6. Iceye - www.iceye.fi

7. Ixonos - www.ixonos.com

8. Kii - www.kii.fi

9. Kyynel - www.kyynel.net

10. LedRoom - www.ledroom.fi

11. Norsepower - www.norsepower.com

12. Novaservo - www.novaservo.fi

13. Scatman - www.scatman.fi

14. Scopesensor - www.scopesensor.com

15. Softability - www.softability.fi

16. Stormcloud - www.stormcloud.fi

17. Traxer - www.traxer.com

18. Tuxconn - www.tuxconn.eu

19. Wapice - www.wapice.com

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