Intelligence Hunt, May 18th, 2017, Heureka Science Centre


 9.00             Registration & Mingle

 9.30             Opening of the Day

                     Ms ULLA KEINO, Chairman of the Board, SeaFocus

Keynote Ms TIINA TUURNALA, Managing Director, Finnish Shipowners´ Association

 9.40-10.30   Inspiration & Knowledge Session


Inspiring Speaker Mr HÅKAN FAGERSTRÖM, Group Head of Cargo, Tallink Grupp

Inspiring Speaker Ms MARTHE LAMP SANDVIK, Head of YoungShip

Inspiring Speaker Mr THOMAS DOEPEL, Head of the Group Purchasing, Member of the Executive Committee, Finnlines Plc

10.30-11.30   Presentations of the Challenge Cases by Companies for the
                      Challenge Battle (5min/company)

  1. FINNLINES: Lean Management of Quick Demand Changes in Liner Service Operations

  2. NORSEPOWER: How to Offer Norsepower Rotor Sails as a Service?

  3. BORE: How to handle Big Data in a small Shipping Company?

  4. KUEHNE+NAGEL: How can Marine Logistics Benefit from 4PL Concept?

  5. THE FINNISH TRANSPORT AGENCY: Optimization and utilization of various telecommunication capacity in fairways

  6. TALLINKSILJA: Value Added Sales within in the Transportation Chain

  7. DELTAMARIN: Utilization of Total Cost of Ownership Model to Enhance Deltamarin’s Added Value

  8. EVAC: Artificial Intelligence in a Pile of Garbage

  9. NANOL TECHNOLOGIES: How to get Nanol into the customer market?

  10. CLIMEON: Alternative business models instead of traditional asset sales

  11. STEERPROP: How to analyze and compare energy efficiency of electric driven azimuth propulsors and electric pods?

  12. LEDZED: LedZed tailored led light solutions for marine qualifications

  13. AKER ARCTIC TECHNOLOGY: Icebreaking challenge - What to do on summer time?

11.30-12.30  Lunch for Students, selected to the Intelligence Hunt Challenge Battle
                     Mingle & Teaming up for the Challenges

12.30-16.00  Challenge Battle - Student Groups work

12.30-16.00  Seven Minutes Job Dating


14.00-15.30  Mentor Rounds (feedback, pitching training…)

14.00-15.30  Inspirer interventions to keep the students’ creativity flowing

15.00-17.00  Presentation of Solutions from Challenge Battle by the Student Groups

17.00            Jury’s Feedback & Follow-up

17.45           Closing the Day

                    Ms HELI KOUKKULA-TEIXEIRA, COO, SeaFocus

Heureka Science Centre

Mr TAPIO KOIVU, CEO, Heureka Science Centre

Ms MARTHE LAMP SANDVIK, Head of Young@NorShipping

Mr PETRI KALLIOKOSKI, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services (KIPS), VTT, Deputy CEO, VTT

Mr MIKI TOIVONEN, Student, Aalto University Business School and Financial Specialist, Santander Consumer Finance Oy

17.30            AWARDS CEREMONY

                     Ms ULLA KEINO, Chairman of the Board, SeaFocus

                     Mr CHRISTER ANTSON, Member of the Board,
                     Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland, Member of the
                     SeaFocus Advisory Board

                     Mr HÅKAN FAGERSTRÖM, Group Head of Cargo,
                     Tallink Grupp, Event Partner

The Challenge Battle winners will be awarded by the Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland, Institutional Partner of SeaFocus.

The Shipwoners´ Foundation is to give an award of 3000 € to the winning team! This award will be announced in a festive award ceremony immediately after the Jury's work.

In addition the winners will get to join an international program called 2017COMMUNICATORS KIT. It is a 10 full weeks program guided by International Professionals. It is offered by the new  European platform launched in LISBON, E52center and will help building successful careers for 2020-2050.
E52center is a platform launched in Lisbon is also trying to bring together professionals interested in becoming International minds, offering innovative courses online and presence.


This specific course is a unique blended version that can be delivered using a mixture of digital tools but with personal communication at all times available.


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