First ever Intelligence Hunt took place May 18th at the Heureka Science Centre

13 concrete company cases were given to the students to work on. The students had one month to prepare their solutions to these given challenges and few hours during the day to finalise them. On May 18th, we heard 16 amazing, well-prepared and innovative solutions.

The Intelligence Hunt Jury; Mr TAPIO KOIVU, Ms MARTHE LAMP SNDVIK, Mr PETRI KALLIOKOSKI and Mr MIKI TOIVONEN didn´t have an easy job evaluating the presentations and choosing the winner and the first runner up. The jury looked for six criteria in all of the 16 presented cases, namely Innovativeness, business potential or benefits, interdisciplinary in approach, applicability to the industry, feasibility and presentation quality. All teams showed dedication and energy with their proposed solutions for the 13 challenges presented.

The winner of the Intelligence Hunt was The Deltamarin Case: Utilization of Total Cost of Ownership Model to Enhance Deltamarin’s Added Value. Team members Anna Lönnblad and Joonas Honkanen, Aalto University School of Business.

Their justifications for the winner were: “The Deltamarin Case Team came up with a solution that showed solid, innovative and very sensible way of dealing with factors affecting the total cost of ownership in a practical way. The produced estimation tool was tested with virtual data in a very thorough manner. The tool was very close for being used as-is. The winner excelled in presenting the case with a five-minute pitch.” Anna Lönnblad, the team member present in the Award Ceremony received the award from a Member of the Board of the Shipowners' Foundation in FInland, Mr CHRISTER ANTSON.

The Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland was established 2008. Its main purpose is to support shipping and the business in relation thereto through an active promotion into education, research and communication within the spheres of shipping. To promote its goals, the Foundation aims to support activities that connect the shipping industry to topical issues within the society as well as within the maritime cluster. As an Institutional Partner of SeaFocus since 2016, the Shipowners’ Foundation in Finland has given, proudly executing its aims to promote education and research, an Award of 3000 € to the winning team of the Intelligence Hunt Challenge Battle May 18th, 2017.

Furthermore, the winning team received an exclusive 2017COMMUNICATORS KIT, which is a 10 full weeks program guided by International Professionals, offered by the new European platform launched in LISBON, E52center and will help building successful careers for 2020-2050. E52center is a platform launched in Lisbon is also trying to bring together professionals interested in becoming International minds, offering innovative courses online and presence.

The runner-up, team Ab Nanol Technologies Oy, Hien Vu, Aalto University School of Business and Pham Bao, Aalto University, worked on the case How to get Nanol into the customer market? Jury´s justifications for the runner-up were “They showed very professional approach in creating a business plan for the expansion of Nanol’s products into consumer markets. The analysis and background work done by the group was impressive, as was the presentation.

The runner-up team received Award of 500€ given by the Finnish Maritime Association, the Institutional Partner of SeaFocus and Neste Plc.

All students participating the Intelligence Hunt Challenge Battle received Award of Gift Certificate from Intelligence Event Partner TallinkSilja, a Cruise Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki in a De Lux Category for 1-2 persons. Furthermore, the students were given a book “Aivazovsky, the Master”, sponsored by Beweship Ltd.


We thank all students answering the challenge battle for their tremendous work.

We thank the companies giving their cases and their valuable time for briefing the student teams.

We thank the Shipowners’ Foundation in Finland, E52center the Finnish Maritime Association, Neste Plc, Beweship Ltd and TallinkSilja for the awards.

We thank our inspiring guest speakers, Ms TIINA TUURNALA, Managing Director, Finnish Shipowners´ Association, Mr HÅKAN FAGERSTRÖM, Group Head of Cargo, Tallink Grupp , Ms MARTHE LAMP SANDVIK, Head of Young@NorShipping, Mr THOMAS DOEPEL, Head of the Group Purchasing, Member of the Executive Committee, Finnlines Plc.

We thank the Jury Mr Tapio Koivu, CEO, Heureka Science Centre, Ms Marthe Lamp Sandvik, Head of Young@NorShipping, Mr Petri Kalliokoski, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services (KIPS), VTT, Deputy CEO, VTT and Mr Miki Toivonen, Student, Aalto University Business School and Financial Specialist, Santander Consumer Finance Oy for their work.

We thank Heureka Science Centre for the great co-operation in organising and making this event possible.

"Intelligence Hunt was a nicely organized event. We are really proud of our challenge team, Anna and Joonas, for their enthusiastic and professional attitude. The result of their work exceeded all our expectations, and the presentation of the results of their work was especially high quality. Deltamarin will be able to utilize the results of the work in future projects and thus improve the value added to our customers", Markku Miinala, Director, Sales & Marketing, Deltamarin Ltd

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