#IntelligenceHunt Project 

Brings both the maritime supply chain related business and students, the industry’s potential future workforce, together.

Intelligence Hunt invites talented students universities all over Europe, professional mentors with long and wide industry and service experience and matches them with the Case Companies in real business case assignments. The project lasts from 2-3 months and culminates in the Finals, where the student teams present their solutions and high-level inspiring industry speakers share their views with the audience.


Deliverables from the Intelligence Hunt can be compared to pre-studies or feasibility studies with a clear and robust business case, which our mentors will help the students to create. Fresh new ideas and the highest and most modern technological solutions are emphasized throughout the whole project. 


  • Tackles the current themes and challenges of the industry with fresh, out-of-the-box approaches

  • Is where companies and future employees meet, interact and get to show each other what they have got to offer

  • ​Maritime supply chain is presented as a forward-going, interesting employer to the students

  • Can lead to recruitments

Challenge Cases – get the view of the next generation           

  • By commissioning us to engage the students you will get a tailored solution proposal to your case. You will also see the employee candidates live on stage.

  • The students will work on the concrete company cases for about 2-3 months and the project culminates to a Finals, where the students will present their solutions with the companies.

  • The Finals works as a perfect forum for networking too. The audience consists of representatives of the case companies, students - the future talents, potential clients, partners, suppliers and also recruiters. We talk about the future!

The students will get 

  • to work in international cross-faculty teams using modern ways of communication

  • to understand the value chains and business case thinking

  • mentoring by an experiences SCM specialist, an advisor with MBA and MSc. Tech degree

  • practical training in project management, teamwork and presenting skills

  • real life presentation experience in front of a wide audience 

  • real business connections and career opportunities

The companies will get 

  • extra hands & heads - international cross-faculty teams

  • out-of-the-box solutions to the specific cases

  • means of fulfilling the principles of corporate responsibility by supporting the students and thus also academic co-operation

  • access to a Future Talents Pool with almost 200 students’ CVs

  • visibility as an advanced company with concrete actions to the future

  • a dynamic company speaker to support the student teams and to tell about the motivation of the case 

  • possibility to utilise the whole project in own marketing widely

  • the final presentations of the cases

A snapshot of the current industry focus areas!

SeaFocus, being a business platform with contacts to the key industry players and international flagships, invites appropriate keynote speakers and company representatives to inspire the students.

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