The #IntelligenceHunt1 Finals was held May 18th 2017 at the Heureka Science Centre in Finland.


There were 13 companies with cases and 38 international students. The student groups worked on the cases for almost 2 months and presented their solutions at the Finals. The outcome from their work suprised us all with innovativness, great ambition and yet realistic approaches.

All together there were about 80 participants representing 22 different nationalities.

The winner team was The Deltamarin Case: Utilization of Total Cost of Ownership Model to Enhance Deltamarin’s Added Value. Team members Anna Lönnblad and Joonas Honkanen, Aalto University School of Business was awarded with a check of 3000€ granted by the Finnish Shipowners´ Foundation. In addition the winners got to join an international program called 2017COMMUNICATORS KIT, which was 10 weeks program guided by International Professionals offered by E52center.

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