#IntelligenceHunt4 - #IntelligenceHunt4 – SCM our Way!

Supply Chain Management is a strategic tool to gain competitive advantage for any company with small or big production, national and international trade and either own or outsourced sourcing and distribution channels.


In global business, it is almost impossible to have export or import services without transportation by sea. Intelligent supply chain can bring very positive results to the  shipper’s P&L and even to the balance sheet, if and when even Working Capital Management is also utilised as a strategic tool. 

A company – i.e. in this case a Shipper - taking into consideration modern ways of information gathering, usage and sharing, environmental and sustainability aspects, legal and corporate compliance, technical possibilities and ultimately even brand imaging, can gain extreme competitive advantage to its competitors and bring value to its customer.


Thus, during this #Intelligencehunt4 project we looked at letters SCM not as supply chain management only, but also from the angle of “Shipping and Customers’ Margins - SCM our Way!"

The Finals of the #IntelligenceHunt4 project took place on 14.11.2018 on board M/S Silja Symphony and Makasiini Terminals at the Port of Helsinki.

We Finals consisted of 27 nationalities on stage; 37 students in 7 teams, 7 company cases and 9 inspiring speakers.

An international student team “YR Skincare Beauties Russia” with students originating from Bangladesh, Nigeria, Finland and Russia, won the whole competition with a case “Yvonne Ryding Cosmetics Goes East – Case Study of a Market Entry Strategy to the Russian Market”. Yvonne Ryding, the owner of Yvonne Ryding Cosmetics,

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