#IntelligenceHunt6 - NaviGate2020 January 22.2020 Turku
Future of Knowledge and Know-How in Marine Industries
Intelligence Hunt - Company and Student Competition -
1) sources talented universities students from all over Europe,
2) professional mentors with long and wide industry and service experience and matches them with
3) the Case Companies in a real business case assignments.

The Finals of the 6th IntelligenceHunt was held in conjunction with the NaviGate2020 Maritima Trade Fair in Turku Finland, January 22, 2020
This time we had ten international, cross-faculty student teams competing and ten case companies.
The Case Companies

The competition was tough!

After a tough competition with four teams very close to each other, and two above all, the day finished to an announcement of the winner by Ulla Keino, Chairman of the Jury: The Winner of the IntelligenceHunt6 project is Student Team “AQUAMARINE”: Pavel Kan, Victoria Stroilova, Iaana Borodulina and Vladislav Zegerov from the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, with the case Harbour2100 by Sweco.


The Award

The winner team “AQUAMARINE” was awarded with an exclusive invitation to participate the Ocean Exchange 2020 Finals in the USA as VIP guests, all inclusive.

Recognition Award by the Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland

The Shipowners´ Foundation in Finland granted a Recognition Award of 2000 € to the team, which work was most impressive to them. Jussi Mälkiä,  Chairman of the Foundation and a Jury Member of the competition, granted in person the Award to the Student Team MEGA MOVE CONSULTING.


Mega Move Consulting was working on an assignment given by Meyer Turku. The assignment was: “Global Megatrends and Their Effects on Cruising and on the Technologies Used at Cruise Ships” and the work was steered by Mr Kari Sillanpää, Head of R&D Meyer Turku.


Chairman of the Board, Jussi Mälkiä, Shipowners’ Foundation in Finland: “The student team accomplished an excellent solution to the very current case assignment and at the Finals presented very well on stage.”

Recognition Award by SeaFocus

SeaFocus as an organiser of the whole company and student competition also wanted to grant a Recognition Award to the team, which work the management found the most professional throughout the project. The Recognition Award this time was an Invitation as Follower Participants to a high-level SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting, which takes place April 22 in Helsinki, at the Hotel Kämp. 


This Award was granted to the Student Team P.O.R.O. – Port of Raahe Organisation. P.O.R.O. was working on an assignment given by the Port of Raahe. The assignment was: “Sustainable Ports Towards Future Challenges” and the work was steered by Mr Kaarlo Heikkinen, the CEO of the Port of Raahe.

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Access with a Password 

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