Mr. Jörg Ullrich, Managing Director, European Cargo Logistics GmbH

Mr. Jörg Ullrich has worked at the European Cargo Logistics GmbH, Lübeck since March 2009 and as a Managing Director since January 2010.


His main activities in the company has been


  • Transport and logistics for forest products by road and rail

  • Intermodal services

  • General road, rail and sea forwarding

  • Green logistics

Before joining the ECL Mr Ullrich worked as a Director of Marketing and Sales at Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH, Lübeck October 1998 - February 2009. He staretd as an Assistant to the Managing Director. During the privatisation process of part of the company he was a Member of the Steering Group.

He was responisble for the extension and improvement of hintreland services, for marketing strategy and pricing strategy of the company and also budget responsibility for all revenues.

Mr Ullrich holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hamburg, specialised in Shipping Merchant.

Special Managerial Skills

  • Leadership (cuurently responsible for a team of 90 people)

  • Organisational skills proven during launch of several new services

  • Organisational skills exercised in leading positions in a sports club


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