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Blog: Ulla Keino, Chairman of the Board, SeaFocus
Published March 12th, 2017

May 18, 2017 SeaFocus organizes in co-operation with Finnish Science Centre Heureka, a one-day student Challenge Battle called The Intelligence Hunt. This brings both the maritime industry and students, the industry’s potential future workforce and brains, under the same roof. The idea is to tackle current themes and challenges of the industry with fresh, out-of-the-box approaches.

We want to attract the university students from different faculties, to get fascinated about this rapidly changing industry and business. We want to find talents with skills of engineering, information technology, international business, marketing and sales, finance, legal and design to name some. The students may register themselves as candidates to apply to the competition. The number of final candidates is max 50, but depending on the number of Case Challenges. An optimal team would be a hybrid och different faculty students of 3-4 persons.

Heureka chooses the students to participate in the challenge battle and provides the event with its highly inspirational environment, activities to get and keep the students in an innovative mindset and a facilitator for the event. SeaFocus, being a business platform with contacts to the key industry people and international household names of the field, invites appropriate keynote speakers and company representatives.

The students will have a possibility to make one month research and find solutions to the given Challenge Cases by the participating companies. In the event May 18 - the Intelligence Hunt - the teams are to make a final sales pitch, and present it in front of the Jury. The event is to be highly entertaining, inspiring and a lot of fun to all parties.

The maritime industry is an industry, which is to change and reorganise its offering quicker than many other industries. The world economy and political situations have affected the business in many fields, some even rather drastically, and the need to transform the industry and its offering is necessary and somewhat urgent. Who would be better to tell us about the future , than the next generation leaders, our today's university students. We need to spice up the image of the traditional shipping and maritime industry with the new technologies, new approaches, new ways of doing, with laughter, excitement and joy. With trust to the future!
Learning the Power of Networking and Developing the Relationships Early - Your Career Insurance.

The event works as the perfect forum for networking both between the companies present and the university students: presenters of the challenges get immediate contact with the students providing the best solutions for their problems, potentially leading to recruitments and/or dissertation themes or assignments.

Our aim is to demonstrate the power of networking and the importance of personal relationships in business. Why it is important to follow-up - i.e. to maintain those doors open, which one has opened a long time earlier, when studying?. Sales is much easier if it is possible to start not from a zero, not from cold calls, but from already long time ago built relationships. Call a friend! "Like in the "Do you wan to be a millionaire?"

This is where companies and future employees meet, interact and get to show each other what they have got to offer. At the same time, the maritime industry is presented as a forward-going, interesting employer to the students.


The following entities and companies that have agreed to provide Challenge Cases are: The Finnish Transport Agency, Finnlines, Bore, Norsepower, Kuehne+Nagel, Deltamarin, EVAC, Nanol Technologies, Testlab, Climeon, Toroidion, TallinkSilja and LedZed.

We thank all of these companies for this wonderful opportunity to our future business intelligence forces and remain curious who are the ones in this industry to come and offer the awards for the students. Job/Master's Thesis/Dissertation/summer job 2018 hunt has started.

If we succeed with this there is no reason why not to repeat this excercise even annually if needed, or even twice a year. And it can be organised whereever you want around this Globe. Depending on the industry's needs and students' interests.

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