MERIT -Project - Intelligent Marine Industry

SeaFocus and MERIT encourages Finnish small and medium size companies in finding customers

City of Helsinki with its MERIT -project – maritime ICT combines maritime industry and ICT services, IoT and software engineering as well as startups. The programme offers opportunities for shipping companies, ship yards and ports by creating contacts with ICT-companies offering tools for navigation and IoT. Working at ice breakers’ and  cargo vessels’ bridge and engine rooms will change fundamentally.



The project is a substantial move by the City of Helsinki and an effort to support both nationwide and local marine business activities.
The project is led from the City of Helsinki Economic Development division and the leader in charge of the project is Ulla Tapaninen.


19 candidate ICT companies presented their products and services at the ICT meets MARITIME event, April 4th, 2016 at the Heureka Science Centre, Vantaa, Finland. The event was organised together with the City of Helsinki, Merit -project and SeaFocus.


During the afternoon the chosen companies made their pitch and met potential clients. This event gathered over 80 interested stakeholders.

The Jury: Reijo Krook, Vice President Internal Audit & Quality Systems, Finnlines Plc., Christer Ekblad, Head of Logistics, Repair and Configuration at Teracom AB, Stockholm Sweden and Tapio Koivu, Executive Director of the HEUREKA Science Centre.


The Winners: Toni Lindén, CEO, KNL Networks, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower and Niko Polvinen, Business Development Officer, Conexbird

The cadidate were companies

1. Aikumo -

2. Asansecurity -

3. Conexbird -

4. Eminko -

5. Esri Finland -

6. Iceye -

7. Ixonos -

8. Kii -

9. Kyynel -

10. LedRoom -

11. Norsepower -

12. Novaservo -

13. Scatman -

14. Scopesensor -

15. Softability -

16. Stormcloud -

17. Traxer -

18. Tuxconn -

19. Wapice -

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