Friday 14.2.2020

Today is a Valentine´s Day and for this occasion SeaFocus wants to thank our amazing Trainees, our dear friends, who have become an irreplaceable force for us. 


We have gained now two years experience of working with Trainees, with young talented and enthusiastic people. We highly recommend this to all of you! 

Thank you SeaFocus Trainees all of you; ex-trainees, today´s trainees and future trainees. It is and has been always a pleasure to work with you! 

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Friday 14.2.2020

#SFAEM2020 presents a new concept of substance rich round tables facilitated by industry executives. Gunnar Mansfeld, Executive Director of the Norebo Overseas Holding Ltd, facilitates one of the round tables "Future Talents".


> Norebo is growing and expanding its seafood business. The company is in need of future international talents to various locations globally. SeaFocus will support Norebo in finding candidates during this spring, and in the round table Mr Mansfeld will discuss with the other round table participants how the future portfolio of talents in the global businesses look like. 

Thursday 13.2.2020

We have just finalised the 6th edition of the Intelligence Hunt project, and have already started preparations for the next one. 


SeaFocus and Messe München Transport Logistik GmbH have formed an Associate Partnership 15.10.2019. Meaning the Finals of the “Intelligence Hunt Transport Logistic” will be held May 6th, 2021 in one of the Messe München Transport und Logistik exhibition halls.

We are really proud of this partnership. SeaFocus warmly welcomes Messe München onboard M/S SeaFocus as a SeaFocus Associate Partner. > Read more

Wednesday 12.2.2020

Great news! Frank Kho will be moderating the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2020, #SFAEM2020 April 22nd, 2020 at the Hotel Kämp in Helsinki. 

Mr Kho has more than 30-year experience in the container logistics and terminal industry.

He had several senior management positions in Asia and Europe with PSA and HPH, 2 of the leading global terminal operators. And prior to become an advisor. Mr Kho has also has been a member of the global leadership team of Kalmar for 6+ years. Kalmar is a leading global supplier of equipment and automation solution for the terminal industry.

Tuesday 11.2.2020

The registration to the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2020, #SFAEM2020 opens soon. The Conference takes place April 22nd, 2020 at the Hotel Kämp in Helsinki. 

The programme consists of high-level keynotes, executive round table discussions and networking of course. This time all of our guest speakers represent SHIPPERS. 

The theme is "Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain - Shippers´ Voices"


> #SFAEM2020 


Monday 10.2.2020

We are happy to announce one of the Executive Round Table Facilitator of the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting 2020. #SFAEM2020, 22.4.2020 


Warmly welcome Mr Jyrki Ranki, the Vice President, Maritime Logistics of Metsä Group. He has more than 25 years experience from Scandinavian forest industry and logistics.

Metsä Group is a forerunner in sustainable bioeconomy and circular economy, by utilising renewable wood from northern forests into first-class products. 

> More about the Company - Metsä Group

Friday 7.2.2020

Exciting day - the concept of the #SFAEM2020 is ready and published.

The concept is based on a hybrid model of high level speeches and round table workshops with stage presentations after the workshops by the table facilitators.


All speakers and round table facilitators represent the shippers, the customers of the other maritime supply chain stakeholders.

Each round table will have a specific theme, to which the registered participants will be given some background material to study before the meeting. The facilitator for each round table will be announced in advance.

Wednesday 5.2.2020

NaviGate 2020 Maritime Trade Fair Steering Group meeting took place today in Turku. SeaFocus was present of course. In the meeting we went through the feedback. Overall this year the exhibition and conference was a success. 

SeaFocus is very pleased with the co-operation with NaviGate. Very professional work.

The preparations of the next Maritime Trade Fair NaviGate 2022 has been started. 

Monday 3.2.2020

SeaFocus as an organiser of the whole company and student competition also wanted to grant a Recognition Award to the team, which work the management found the most professional throughout the project. The Recognition Award this time was an Invitation as Follower Participants to a high-level SFAEM2020, April 22 in Helsinki, at the Hotel Kämp. 


This Award was granted to the Student Team P.O.R.O. – Port of Raahe Organisation. The assignment was: “Sustainable Ports Towards Future Challenges” and the work was steered by Mr Kaarlo Heikkinen, the CEO of the Port of Raahe.

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Thursday 30.1.2020

Johan Elzes, Business Unit Director, Ahlers’ Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services was one of the Inspiring Speakers at the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals. His topic was "Growth in the Complex Markets - True Stories of Customer Innovation".

The whole day was recorded and here a link to his presentation.

> Video clip 

Wednesday 29.1.2020

We have a lot of photos from the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals and the Award Ceremony.

You can find the photos at SeaFocus Facebook and also download them if you wish to.


> Photos  

Tuesday 28.1.2020

Winners of the IntelligenceHunt5, Chia Palkonen and Calvin Kho presenting their experiences of the Award of Ocean Exchange participation as VIP guests, which was the Award for winning the 5th Intelligence Hunt project with a Wärtsilä case.

The award for the Intelligence Hunt 6 winners will be the same!

> Video Clip with Chia and Calvin on stage

Monday 27.1.2020

Shipowners' Foundation in Finland awards their favourite team MegaMoveConsulting  with Jonathan Atwood, Nguyễn Tấn Phát and  Maria Myhailenko.
SeaFocus congratulates the Student team and also Meyer Turku for an inspiring and very interesting assignment.

In the picture from the left Nguyễn Tấn Phát Jussi Mälkiä, Chairman of the board of the Shipowners' Foundation in Finland, Jonathan Atwood and Kari Sillanpää from Meyer Turku.


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Thursday 23.1.2020

If you could not make it to the Finals of the IntelligenceHunt6 this time, you can enjoy the day via You Tube for the whole event was livestreamed.


> IntelligenceHunt6 Finals  

Please note, the Finals on the video starts at 16.12 minutes


Wednesday 22.1.2020

Today - at last - the anticipated Finals of the IntelligenceHunt6! What a day - full of excitement and energy. Something for everyone and as one of the Jury Members, Poul Woodall, said everyone could learn something from today.

After a tough competition with four teams very close to each other, and two above all, the day finished with an announcement of the winner by Ulla Keino, Chairman of the Jury: The Winner of the IntelligenceHunt6 project is Team “Aquamarine”: Pavel Kan, Victoria Stroilova, Iaana Borodulina and Vladislav Zegerov from the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, with the case Harbour2100 by Sweco.

Tuesday 21.1.2020

Here we are in Turku! All set up for the Finals! 

You can follow the Finals online via YouTube 

Monday 20.1.2020

We are almost ready for the Finals! The curtains will be opened soon.

Today the Jury Members evaluating the works and teams received the Presentation materials of the Student Teams to have a look before hands.


During these last days the Teams have been and will be practising their stage presentation. They have had rehearsals with their Mentors and with the Chairman of the Jury. 

Wednesday 15.1.2020

Today the 10 Final Executive Summaries of the Intelligence Hunt 6 Student Teams were sent to the Jury Members for evaluation. 

The Jury will evaluate the works by giving points from 1 to 6 on Executive Summary, Team Work and Stage Presentation. 

Not an easy task for the Jury! 

Tuesday 14.1.2020

Delta Cygni Labs Ltd is a Developing Partner of SeaFocus. You can meet them at the IntelligenceHunt Finals in Turku 22.1.2020

Delta Cygni Labs is solving technical human-to-human communication problems for industry, by applying scientific results and fundamental concepts of Cybernetics, Human-Machine-Systems and Augmented Reality. 

> Remote Control in Off-Shore Environment

Monday 13.1.2020

Maritime SCM and Shipping - Changing Ideas with the Next Generation that is what IntelligenceHunt is about.

Let us introduce you the ten international Student Teams and the Case Companies.

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Sunday 12.1.2020

Excitement is in the Air! The Finals of the IntelligenceHunt6 within ten days. 

The Teams have been working on the Executive Summaries and now it is the time to prepare the presentations for the Finals.

The Jury will evaluate not only the Executive Summaries but also the stage presentation and presence. Good luck for the Teams! 

Wednesday 8.1.2020

Today the IntelligenceHunt6 Companies will receive the Executive Summaries from their Student Teams. The Teams have been working now for about two and a half months. 

Companies have few days to go through the Summaries and comment. After receiving the comments, the Teams have  couple of days to finalise the works and then they will be send to the Members of the Jury for the evaluation.

At this point we also want to thank our Mentors and Student Mentors! 

Good luck to all Teams and Companies! 

Tuesday 7.1.2020

Enough holidays and relaxing! Let´s get back to work. 

The year 2020 starts with agreement to have the SFAEM2020 in Helsinki April 22, 2020 at the Hotel Kämp. The theme of the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting is "Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain - Shippers´ Voices".

Later on we will let you know more. 

Wednesday 1.1.2020

New Year and New Opportunities! We wish you all Prosperous New Year! 

SeaFocus Year 2019 was amazing in many ways: Challenges, Opportunities, Changes, Growth, Success ... 


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