Wednesday 15.1.2020

Today the 10 Final Executive Summaries of the Intelligence Hunt 6 Student Teams were sent to the Jury Members for evaluation. 

The Jury will evaluate the works by giving points from 1 to 6 on Executive Summary, Team Work and Stage Presentation. 

Not an easy task for the Jury! 

Tuesday 14.1.2020

Delta Cygni Labs Ltd is a Developing Partner of SeaFocus. You can meet them at the IntelligenceHunt Finals in Turku 22.1.2020

Delta Cygni Labs is solving technical human-to-human communication problems for industry, by applying scientific results and fundamental concepts of Cybernetics, Human-Machine-Systems and Augmented Reality. 

> Remote Control in Off-Shore Environment

Monday 13.1.2020

Maritime SCM and Shipping - Changing Ideas with the Next Generation that is what IntelligenceHunt is about.

Let us introduce you the ten international Student Teams and the Case Companies.

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Sunday 12.1.2020

Excitement is in the Air! The Finals of the IntelligenceHunt6 within ten days. 

The Teams have been working on the Executive Summaries and now it is the time to prepare the presentations for the Finals.

The Jury will evaluate not only the Executive Summaries but also the stage presentation and presence. Good luck for the Teams! 

Wednesday 8.1.2020

Today the IntelligenceHunt6 Companies will receive the Executive Summaries from their Student Teams. The Teams have been working now for about two and a half months. 

Companies have few days to go through the Summaries and comment. After receiving the comments, the Teams have  couple of days to finalise the works and then they will be send to the Members of the Jury for the evaluation.

At this point we also want to thank our Mentors and Student Mentors! 

Good luck to all Teams and Companies! 

Tuesday 7.1.2020

Enough holidays and relaxing! Let´s get back to work. 

The year 2020 starts with agreement to have the SFAEM2020 in Helsinki April 22, 2020 at the Hotel Kämp. The theme of the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting is "Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain - Customers´ Voice".

Later on we will let you know more. 

Wednesday 1.1.2020

New Year and New Opportunities! We wish you all Prosperous New Year! 


SeaFocus Year 2019 was amazing in many ways: Challenges, Opportunities, Changes, Growth, Success ... 


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