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Ulla Keino
Owner & Mentor

Ulla Keino is Partner and a Managing Director of UK ART OY LTD and the Owner of SeaFocus®.

Her over 30 years of experience of shipping started with Metsä Group in 1986, following a career of 8 years in the Stora Enso Group (former Enso Plc). During these years she was responsible of mainly short sea shipping and especially of internal waterway shipments of forest products, paper, paperboard, timber and pulp. She was an important customer for the German, Finnish and Russian ship owners and shipbrokers. Compared to her young age at that time she held very important positions in the several Finnish industries and governmental initiated projects and was part of decision making related to forest industry logistics and governmental maritime infrastructure and development projects including feasibility studies of the location of the new port of Helsinki.

In 1993-1994 before moving to Hong Kong she worked on a side of a position of a Manager of Strategic Logistics in Stora Enso also as an Executive Director of the Finnish Waterways Association. 2004 onwards, after returning back to Finland in 2001, Ulla Keino has worked in close connection with maritime industry, having been involved in European Union projects and corporate maritime and port as well as port infrastructure and real estate development projects. She also worked two years as an Executive Director of the Strategic Management Society of Finland.


Ulla Keino has got over 30 years of experience of the maritime industry, having worked as a shipping companies’ client, advisor within sourcing and outsourcing of maritime services, as a specialist in maritime infrastructure and IT development projects, facilitator of privatization of ports, and establishing new business and service concepts within the branch. She has got strong networking skills on an international level.



  • Helsinki University of Technology, 1990 Master of Science, Engineering, Wood Processing and International Economics

  • Brunel University of London (Henley Business School), MBA, International Project Management

  • Regent Academy on Fine Arts London, Diploma in Fine Arts and Antiques


Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian (basics), German (basics)

  • Henley Finland Alumni Association, Founder, lifetime member

  • Finnish Waterways Association

  • Finland Hong Kong Trade Association, Board member, Vice Chairman of the Board

UK ART OY LTD is the owner of the SeaFocus®.
UK ART is specialized in international total project management and partnership strategies, investor relations, as well as global executive level event management.

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