Mr. Phillip Tipping, Director, Customer Innovation, MacGregor RoRo Division, MacGregor Sweden AB

Mr PHILLIP TIPPING has a 10 year career in the army as an electrical mechanical engineer. After leaving the army, he moved to Sweden and, from humble beginnings, he demonstrated to subsequent employers that there was no new skill that he could not pick up through focus, diligence and an organised methodology.
Mr Tipping has now been with MacGregor, a company that tackles significant challenges in the marine and shipping industry, for 13 years. He has also demonstrated a talent for recognising similarly gifted individuals and bringing them into his team and they have all benefitted from the innate development and motivation which comes from working in the proactive, collaborative and positive environment he demands within his team.

Through roles as Control Systems manager, Business development in China, and Director - Customer Innovation, Mr Tipping has developed a skill-set which has proven to meet and overcome many of the challenges provided by the industry, but, more importantly, recognising the significant opportunities which these challenges present and has been a key influence in helping MacGregor to adapt to changing needs within the industry.​​


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