Pilot Test of a New Way of Co-Operation in the Maritime Business SeaFocus® Maritime Business Intelligence Week 2016
Blog: Ulla Keino, CEO, SeaFocus
Published 22.11.2016

SeaFocus® together with its main partners’ know-how, strong substance, and large network of partners and clients mobilised more than 100 persons from the marine industry to find new business opportunities in the Maritime Business Intelligence Week MBIW2016 in Helsinki. The week was organised “by invitation only” and the content in detail was planned by SeaFocus®

MBIW2016 brought together the shipowners, shipyards, ship designers, financing bodies, engine and solution providers, marine logistics service providers, energy saving solution providers, ship management stakeholders and even the end customers represented by 3 PLs and even a 4PL to the same surroundings, to discuss in concrete solutions driven terms of the challenges and opportunities for the future marine business.

We gathered together the decision makers and top intelligence of the hosting companies, to speed up the process of working together, to improve the conditions of this currently difficult market of shipping and shipbuilding. We wanted to raise serious and on the other hand inspiring new business initiatives in order to enhance the joint business development. Furthermore, we will follow up on behalf of our partners even the smallest leads initiated during this week.

The idea of the whole week was to give possibilities to the management team members or top management to join those parts of the week that were in their core interest, instead of engaging one or two members for the whole week or even for a full day. An excellent example was one of our partners engaging altogether almost 10 persons in different activities during the week, maximising their corporate presence and relevant knowledge sharing in each session and corporate visit.

The focus in the beginning of the week was on businesses touching the co-operation between Russian shipowners, shipyards and suppliers and the hosting companies, whereas the end was targeted to the same but with a focus to business with the Chinese partners.


Monday 7th November
Opening of the MBIW2016 took place upon arrival of the Russian delegates at the Finnair HQ and the Finnair COOL Nordic Cargo Hub. Our aim was to promote the new cargo terminal to the participating shippers, which also our partners all are, and also to highlight certain cross industry knowledge sharing areas, where industries, both aviation and shipping would benefit. Managing Director of Finnair Cargo Mr Janne Tarvainen kicked off the week and presented the Compelling Story to World Class – Next Generation Nordic Cargo Hub.

Finnair's new Airbus A350 fleet will bring up to 50% more cargo capacity by 2020 and Finnair has invested 80 million euros in building a new cargo terminal at Helsinki Airport, with special cargo handling areas for pharmaceutical and life science products (Pharma) as well as perishable products, including fish and other seafood.  Mr Ari Soinola, Director of Cargo Excellence took us to see the site exclusively now in the construction phase. Finnair Cargo is scheduled to open this new, state-of-the-art, 37 000 sqm COOL Nordic Cargo hub at Helsinki Airport in May 2017.

Tuesday 8th November
The delegates visited ABB Marine and Ports and got acquainted with ABBs latest technology; the history of Finnish innovation and ABB registered Azipod and the online customer service centre. Our coordinating host was Mr Antti J. Lehtelä. SVP, Head of business unit ABB Marine and Ports, Mr Sakari Sorsimo presented ABBs view of efficient and safe marine operations. The lunch took place on board M/S Finnlady, hosted by Commercial Director Staffan Herlin, from Finnlines, a company which has invested 100 M€ in their ship’s conversion and refurbishment in two years time only,. CEO Kimmo Mäki from the Port of Helsinki described the efficiency of port and its influence to the enhancing of the economic growth.After the lunch and excursion to see the refurbished cabins, the delegates visited Aker Arctic Ice Laboratory hosted by Mr Arto Uusikallio and Mr Reko-Antti Suojanen, the CEO of Aker Arctic Technology.

Wednesday  9th November
Wärtsilä and Arctech presented their core know-how at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. Mr Johan Hansten, Director of Sales, Wärtsilä Finland, opened the day with a Group presentation, highlighting the wide portfolio of services, products and solutions. Wärtsilä W31 and its revolutionary technology was presented by Mr Robert Ollus, Product Manager, followed by Mr Teus Van Beek’s, GM Market Innovation, extremely inspiring and fascinating vision of the future of marine industry.

CEO Esko Mustamäki from the Arctech Helsinki shipyard presented the portfolio of ships both the Helsinki Shipyard and its mother company United Shipbuilding Corporation are able to build, and emphasized their history and capabilities to build not only icebreakers but also ferries and passenger cruise vessels. Mr Markku Kajosaari went deeper to the corporate presentation of the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, followed by Mr Mika Willberg telling of the two interesting prototypes of the company, Baltika and Polaris. The delegates had also a chance to visit the shipyard.


One definite highlight of the week was a visit to the World’s first LNG (dual-fuel, LSMDO and LNG) operating icebreaker, Polaris. This visit was a perfect example of cross corporate co-operation and know how of the Finnish or Finland based business: Designed by Aker Arctic Technology, diesel engines by Wärtsilä Marine, Azipods by ABB Marine and shipbuilding by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. We thank Arctia for this great opportunity to witness a perfect co-operation example on board Polaris.

To celebrate the so far Russian partnership focused beginning of the week and to welcome the Chinese partners for the end of the week a dinner with class was hosted by the City of Helsinki and SeaFocus® in the City of Helsinki Ballroom. Ms Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Director of Economic Development, City of Helsinki gave an encouraging speech of the importance of maritime industry to the City of Helsinki and about the future of the City of Helsinki as a hub for start-ups specialised in digitalisation in the maritime industries. Ulla Tapaninen, Senior Specialist City of Helsinki thanked all the participants by encouraging to further thinking of digitalisation and its influence in the whole maritime business.

Thursday 10th November
The Maritime Business Intelligence Conference was held on board M/S Viking Mariella, where international speakers presented the most fascinating new technologies and know-how, including themes of Arctic Economic Council, remote technologies, digitalisation and services, future of ship management, marine logistics, sustainability, arctic shipping, arctic shipbuilding and energy saving solutions, led by the Chairman of the Conference Maritime Counsellor Mr Paavo Wihuri.

The speakers were Mr Jan Hanses, CEO Viking Line, Mr Tero Vauraste, President and CEO of Arctia and Vice Chairman of the Arctic Economic Council, Mr Richard Windischhoffer, SVP Business Development, ABB Marine and Ports, Mr Stefan Nygård, General Manager, Product Management, Asset Performance Development, Wärtsilä Finland, Mr Thomas Doepel, Head of Procurement Finnlines, Mr Stefan Sönksen, Global Product Manager, Marine Logistics, Kuehne + Nagel, Ms Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Vice President Corporate Communication, Viking Line,  Mr Reko-Antti Suojanen, CEO of Aker Arctic Technology, Mr Esko Mustamäki, CEO Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Mr Johan Von Knorring, CEO Nanol Technologies Oy Ab. A highlight of the day was a not in advance announced; yet carefully planned and welcomed speech by the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Mr Alexey Rakhmanov.

Friday 11th November
The end of the week was repetition of the beginning regarding the excursions, but content tailored to consider the interest of the Chinese delegates. Friday programme was finished by a visit to Wärtsilä HQ, where the general presentation was held by GM Area Sales Finland, Mr Alexander Staritsyn, and Wärtsilä 31 and the Future Shipping vision was presented by the earlier mentioned experts from Wärtsilä.

Saturday 12th November
The week’s maritime excursion programme came to an end at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard in a very nice, future looking and concrete co-operation emphasising atmosphere. Mr Tapani Skarp, SVP Design and Project Design and CTO, led the delegates into the world of Arctech’s capabilities of innovations by presenting the cases of the oblique icebreaker Baltika and the already mentioned Polaris.

In order to enable a free flowing discussion and bonding as a group, which should meet again, we invited the delegates to two ice hockey events during the week with our sports partner Jokerit Hockey Club. Before the actual sports related activities started, we naturally had some business to do. On Tuesday, Norsepower CEO Tuomas Riski, presented the rotor sail energy saving technology and solution and on Saturday Mr Juha Wallius, from Nanol Technologies, the business case of oil lubricant additive savings in fuel and lubricant consumption.

To increase the team spirit, our chosen honoured guests were able to drop the opening puck of Jokerit – Amur Khabarovsk 8th Nov and Jokerit - Kunlun Red Star 12th Nov, which was a first time ever a Chinese ice hockey team has played in Helsinki in the KHL. We even had a chance to meet the stars of the Hockey Club, and the ever so famous Hockey Hall of Fame, 5 times Stanley Cup winner Jari Kurri who shook hands to all who so wished.

We want to thank especially Wärtsilä Marine, ABB Marine and Ports, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Aker Arctic Technology for their trust in our concept and willingness to work together for a better future of the maritime industry. The other business partners whom we also humbly thank are SeaFocus®´s long term strategic partner Finnlines, Viking Line, Kuehne + Nagel, Port of Helsinki, Arctia, Polar Logistics, Nanol Technologies, Norsepower and Finnair as our official airline of the week.

Our special thank we also want to address to our institutional partner, the Finnish Shipowners´ Association, who worked with us in planning of the week. The Shipowners´ Association has supported our journey since spring 2016. City of Helsinki, with whom this was a third event organised this year, we have been proud to work with throughout this year and look forward a wonderful co-operation in the future.

This was just a beginning of our journey, a pilot of showing how working together even beyond the corporate boundaries will bring results quicker than if all were working alone. In the future we want to challenge knowledge sharing even beyond the industry boundaries, to develop quicker and more efficiently with fresh ideas from other industry areas, but with some clear common factors just not to get too wild and miss the scope.

We welcome you to witness with us the future, success of the marine industry with the Northern roots, look for partners, customers and co-operation widely, to make our joint journey easier.

What next – you will experience in the Annual Executive Meeting 15th May and happenings around it 16-19th May, 2017 in Helsinki.

The optimal route planning for the next journey has begun, on board M/S SeaFocus® full speed ahead through the strongest winds, with our great partners and partners to be!

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