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Polar as Full Service Provider


Transportation services


  • Air, Sea, Rail and Road Freight

  • Optimized multimodal transportation

  • Supply Chain Logistics and Consulting

  • Warehousing / Bonded Warehousing

  • Oversized and special transportation projects


Customs and trading support services


  • Import and distribution services with value added services

  • Customs and trading brokerage for import and export especially between Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland

  • Customs consulting on special and complex processes

Extending Logistics


We don’t call it 2PL, 3PL or 4PL. We call it Extending Logistics.


An “outside-the-box” solution

A whole new philosophy of one-stop shop, personalized and tailored by “outside-the-box” thinking.


Creating value and growth

Extending Logistics combines advanced solutions, best practices, inspiration and insight with the ultimate goal of creating value and growth.


A hidden “value” by re-thinking operations

It brings together a mix of Polar Logistics, Polar Plus and Polar Connect services and enhances operations. It evolves business models and drives expert knowledge across the entire business.


Client and employee inspiration

We believe Extending Logistics is an inspiration to both our clients and to our employees.

Polar Connect Overview

Our dynamic approach offers a secure system to participate in foreign economic activity and to enjoy the results of international trade.


  • Foreign economic activity is often vital for pursuing more growth. How to tackle this project is a more complex question.

  • Outsourcing complete foreign economic activity is our new concept for companies looking for international expansion.

  • Polar Connect is your expert and partner in making the connection. Polar Connect connects the dots from the right product and the right supplier through to the end user. Based on clients’ needs and objectives, we match parties and develop full foreign economic activity’s and supple chains between suppliers and end users.

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