Port of Helsinki

The Port of Helsinki – the main harbour for foreign trade and passenger traffic services in Finland.

The Port of Helsinki creates a seamless framework for high levels of sea traffic to destinations such as Tallinn and Stockholm. The Port of Helsinki is also the main harbour for foreign trade in Finland, serving the business world and well-being of the Helsinki region and the whole country.

The Port of Helsinki manages port operations with a long-term perspective and develops them in cooperation with shipping companies, stevedoring and forwarding companies, and other harbour operators. We provide a modern, competitive and functional setting for port operations. We produce our own services to complement other port services while also creating added value for our cooperation partners. The Port of Helsinki Ltd is a limited company owned by the City of Helsinki.

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The Port of Helsinki represents around 50 per cent of the total value of sea transport in Finland.

Growth was seen in the export of ore, oil products, pulp, sawn timber and chemical products in particular. With regard to imports, growth was driven by petroleum, coal and metals.

The upward trend has continued in 2017

The first-quarter result for the Port of Helsinki is consistent with the upward trend. Goods transport increased by more than 10 per cent in January–March 2017. Exports are growing markedly more rapidly than imports, which is particularly good news for the Finnish economy.

Goods transport via the Port of Helsinki totalled 3.3 million tonnes in January–March.

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