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The Port of Helsinki is Finland's main port, specialized in unitized cargo services for Finnish companies engaged in foreign trade. The port has frequent regular line traffic, balanced import and export. The port of Helsinki specializes in unitized cargo traffic, containers, trucks and trailers. The port provides a general setting. Cemented collaboration with our partners ensures the result. Successful cooperation makes the port of Helsinki efficient, effective and sound.

The Port of Helsinki Ltd contributes to the business life and prosperity of Helsinki in a number of ways. As an active developer of the business environment, the Port of Helsinki establishes the framework and coordinates the operations of the port. The values of the Port of Helsinki are productivity, responsibility and cooperation.


The Port of Helsinki is Finland's Busiest Passenger Port

  • There are connections to Stockholm, Tallinn, Travemünde, Rostock and St. Petersburg. At the height of the summer season, there are 17 departures to Tallinn daily.

  • During summer time international cruise ships make almost 300 visits and bring over 400.000 tourists to Helsinki. Main port for international trade.

Cargo traffic via the Port of Helsinki

  • The value of the cargo traffic at the Port of Helsinki represents approximately one third of the value of the entire Finnish foreign trade and two-fifths of the Finnish foreign trade transported by sea.

  • Cargo traffic at the Port of Helsinki consists mainly of Finnish foreign trade imports and exports. The core of the cargo traffic consists of goods transported in containers, trailer trucks, trailers and similar units.

  • Cargo arriving at the goods ports of Helsinki consists mainly of consumer durables and foodstuffs, as well as raw materials and semi-finished goods for the industry. Export goods comprise products of forestry and metal industry, as well as foodstuffs, textile products and glassware.


Vuosaari Harbour serves container and roro traffic. South Harbour and West Harbour serve roro traffic transported by passenger ships.

Liner Traffic Connections

The liner traffic network of the port of Helsinki is the most extensive and versatile in Finland. There are frequent, regularly scheduled connections from Helsinki to ports on the Baltic Sea: Tallinn, Stockholm, Travemünde, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam and the North Sea and the Atlantic as well.

There were about 140 weekly liner traffic departures from Helsinki. Substantially more destinations are connected on a weekly basis, as many of the vessels visit several ports en route. There are almost 90 weekly departures by ships transporting goods to Tallinn alone.

History of the port

Helsinki was founded in 1550 by King Gustav Wasa of Sweden as a port town to compete for Baltic Sea transport. Helsinki grew around the port.

Regular, year-round passenger traffic started in 1972. Regular summer lines were opened as early as 1837 with the SS Storfursten carrying passengers to St. Petersburg, Tallinn, and Stockholm.

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