Blue Economy – Maritime Industry and Responsible Growth

The international project Intelligence Hunt 5 has kicked off

The student registration is continuing and the first round of candidates applying ends 31st January 2019. We are looking for students studying in variety of faculties and with variable studies in engineering, financing, marketing, design, programming, sales, architecture, renewable energies, legal, even medical, and much more. Company negotiations are on-going with number of very interesting, attractive and potential Case Companies, with ideas and challenges that raises major curiosity in the organisers.

But why are we looking for students and companies?

Intelligence Hunt sources talented students universities all over Europe, professional mentors with long and wide industry and service experience and matches them with the Case Companies in a real business case assignments. This spring our challenging, but value-addition-wise brilliant idea is to find supplier-customer company pairs to make a case assignment for the students to work together – to co-create. This concept will strengthen the collaboration between the companies and ensure true and implementable deliverables from the seeds of the case solutions to concrete implementation plans.

Deliverables could be compared to pre-studies or feasibility studies with a clear and robust business case, which our Mentors will help the students to create. Fresh new ideas and the highest and most modern technological solutions are emphasized throughout the whole project. We don’t search ideas to get out of the box, as in SeaFocus we don’t even see the boxes.

The Case Company pair or a case company, if joining alone, will get a well-structured confidential report to its own use, including a short executive summary. The executive summary, revised and approved by the Case Companies is sent to the jury, and shared with the other case companies. Our idea is to speed up the maritime supply chain by sharing the non-strategic best practices as sharing is achieving!

The executive summaries approved by the Case Companies will be available to all the other case companies after the Finals 7.6.2019. The final stage presentation will be an impressive document made to the company’s own graphical design template and is ready to be used in the Case Company´s own development meetings or management meetings to discuss the further concrete actions.

Blue Economy – Maritime Industry and Responsible Growth

Blue Economy is the theme of the whole Nor-Shipping – our great associate partner’s trade fair Nor-Shipping 2019.

The Blue Economy opportunities have been crafted out of the 17 UN sustainable development goals. The Blue Economy is sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.

Who is this all for and what aspects should be taken into consideration? The cases should be arising from these five different areas and cover at least one of the following important issues in the assignments: decarbonization, sustainable infrastructure, responsible practices, protection of ocean life and sustainable ocean economy. Our future is based on all this, and so should be the business development ideas too.

To have an idea what kind of cases have been accomplished so far, check the list of the cases from Intelligence Hunts 1-4 > Company Cases

The Finals, 7th June 2019 Oslo Norway, Nor-Shipping Trade Fair

The flagship of the Intelligence Hunt project is always the wonderful and energy giving Finals event. We always have almost 30 different nationalities on stage during the day.

On June 7th 2019 Nor-Shipping will host us in Hall B and the concept will make the stage shake and the boat rock, on board “M/S SeaFocus” - an executive maritime business platform which brings the different marine supply chain industry players together.

Altogether up to 60 students, 20 Case Company representatives, 10 cases and 6 inspiring speakers will make a shipping show never seen before. The variety of company core businesses and future plans revealed, innovations and realistic “keep our feet a bit on the ground too” will show the audience and the Nor-Shipping visitors what our industry really can do, when we join the forces and remove the silos. A top-level jury of business professionals and maritime experts will give their final verdict and nominate the winner Company Case, the Case Companies and the student team.

Nor-Shipping, 7th June and the #IntelligenceHunt5 finishes with proven results that by collaborating in the supply chain and cross industry level the Maritime Industry can grow - and grow responsibly!

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