Cargo Flows of Circular Economy and Sustainable Port Operations

Port of Naantali and Stevena are participating the IntelligenceHunt6 Student and Company Competition with a combined Case Assignment ” Cargo Flows of Circular Economy and Sustainable Port Operations – Opportunities and Challenges”.

Yrjö Vainiala, Port Director of the Port of Naantali Ltd and

Markku Mäkipere, Managing Director of Stevena Ltd will present the case

Yrjö Vainiala has worked as a Port Director, the Chief Operating Officer and Commercial Director of the Port of Naantali Ltd since 2005. Vainiala is responsible for strategic planning, investment planning and project management as well as customer relations and new business scouting for the company. Vainiala has extensive over 30 years of experience in the field of logistics and supply chain management on different type executive and managerial level tasks.

Markku Mäkipere (M.Sc. Economics) is the Managing Director of the port operator company Stevena Oy and container operator Moonway Oy. Besides those positions he is a Member of the Management Team of KWH Logistics (previously Backman-Trummer group). Mäkipere has worked for the company since year 1997. Before current positions he worked as a Managing Director at a German-owned forwarding company Herbst Finland Oy in Helsinki.

The Port of Naantali serves the trade in a wide range of the hinterland as well as the industry close to the port. Industrial enterprises and factories (e.g. oil refinery, lubricant factory, coal power plant, betaine factory, grain silos etc.) operating in the immediate vicinity of the harbour generate large material flows. Easy ice condition in wintertime and one of the deepest fairways and quays in Finland, up to 15,3 m, enable Aframax tankers and Panamax size bulk carriers loading and/or discharging regularly at the port. Moreover, the short sea voyage and frequent ferry connection to Sweden make Naantali the most important cargo hub between Finland and Scandinavia. Partly, for these reasons, Naantali is today 4th largest universal cargo port in Finland. The total annual traffic to and from the port is ca. 7–8 million tons, of which 80 % is foreign traffic. The main volumes come from liquid and dry bulk materials and ferry goods. The Port of Naantali is one of the busiest cargo ports in Finland with ca. 2000 annual number of vessel calls.

Stevena is part of KWH Logistics – a versatile group offering international transports, port logistics, industrial services as well as cold storage. The Port of Naantali was Stevena’s first operating location. Stevena operates at three terminals (Kantasatama, Luonnomaa and Logistore). They have access to almost 30,000 m2 of diverse storage space at the port, where they provide a wide variety of added-value services, such as packaging, bagging and bulking, in addition to storage. They also utilise a weighbridge. Stevena is the only general port operator and logistics service provide at the Port of Naantali.

The Student Team Meri Voyagers is working on the case and will pitch their solution at the Finals.

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