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ESL Shipping, a subsidiary of Aspo Plc, has accepted our challenge to participate the #IntelligenceHunt6 company and student competition with a case assignment.

ESL Shipping is the leading dry cargo shipping company in the Baltic region. Established in 1949, the company is celebrating 70-year anniversary in 2019. ESL Shipping, together with its subsidiary AtoB@C Shipping, has a strong presence in the entire Northern European region. ESL Shipping’s competitive edge is based on its ability to secure product and raw material transportation for the industries and energy production around the year, even in difficult weather conditions. The shipping company loads and unloads large ocean liners at sea as a special service.

In September 2019, the combined fleet of ESL Shipping and AtoB@C Shipping consists of 50 vessels with cargo capacity ranging from 3,000 to 56,000 dwt.

ESL Shipping works systematically in order to protect the environment and to improve the energy-efficiency of its fleet. Vessels’ cruise speed and, therefore, fuel economy has been optimized according to prevailing situations without decreasing customer service level.

Viikki and Haaga, the world’s first ice-strengthened dry bulk cargo vessels fueled by liquefied natural gas, started their operations in the Baltic Sea last autumn. The vessels fulfil the high goals set for them, for example, in terms of load-bearing capacity, fuel economy and eco-friendliness. Their environmental footprint is reduced by various groundbreaking solutions that aim to minimize emissions and energy consumption. Owing to innovative technologies, both vessels already meet the environmental requirements set for 2025. Investment to these vessels was around 60 million euros.

Warmly welcome ESL Shipping! It will be interesting to get more information about your specific case assignment and the outcome.

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