Finnish Technology Consortium has launched Case Number 7 for the #IntelligenceHunt4

One of the SeaFocus core niches is to open eyes, to bring not-expected new solutions and partners to the traditional marine business. Already a couple of years we have tried to challenge the aviation industry and the marine industry to talk more closely with each other. We also brought the automotive industry to share views and visions of AI to this field.

But what has an E2 Electric Motorbike to do with the marine supply chain. Join the #IntelligenceHunt4 Finals and find out yourself!  

Finnish Technology Consortium Rantek-Maslog-RMK has launched Case Number 7 for the #IntelligenceHunt4 project ”ELECTRIC MOTORS AND HIGH EFFECTIVE HYBRIDS  - HOW THEY COULD BENEFIT THE MARINE INDUSTRY?”.

Rantek is one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in Finland, RMK/Maslog has invented a new electric wheel motor that will be used in a new RMK E2 electric motorbike concept. By using this technology, there are possibilities design and manufacture highly efficient hybrid systems that can be utilized also for the marine industry.

The team of 5 students from the University of Oulu, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences / Lappeenranta University of Technology, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The countries of origin of these students are Pakistan, Finland, India and Sweden. Pekka Hurme, Partner and Commercial Director of RMK/Maslog will present the case at the Finals with the Student Team E-move.

Finals 14th of November, 2018 M/S Silja Symphony, Makasiini Terminal at the Port of Helsinki.

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