Finnlines and SeaFocus Celebrate Virtually the 5th Year of Strategic Partnership

Finnlines is a leading carrier of medicine, food suppliers and other consumer goods from Sweden and Continental Europe to Finland and vice versa, and works with a close collaboration with the authorities in different countries.

Finnlines and SeaFocus started strategic partnership in 2016, with a clear joint vision:

By forming an active positive dialogue of important areas for shipping and maritime industry

the speed of development will be accelerating and the whole industry will benefit.

The different means of collaboration and communication have been e.g Intelligence Hunt Student and Company Competition, 2017-2020, where Finnlines has always had a key role in the programme and preparations.

“It is fascinating to see how Sea Focus is inspiring the Youth through the Intelligence Hunt concept, educating the next shipping generation and encouraging new fresh ideas. SeaFocus’ work with the youth even in the time of a global crisis is also very valuable. ”, says Kielo Vesikko, Head of Passenger Services, Line Manager, HansaLink

Other forms of collaboration have been closed workshops around some different important themes, promotional luncheons on board one of the Star Class vessels, excursions, and the SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting, which is traditionally organised in April.

SFAEM2020 - “Responsible and Resilient Supply Chain – The Shipper’s Voices”, with a very current topic decided already before the current pandemic crisis, is postponed to autumn due to the world current health alert caused by COVID-19.

Especially due to the economic, political and health challenges in the World today, Finnlines sees collaboration with the entrepreneurial ecosystem organisations like SeaFocus important and interesting. SeaFocus has even offered a complimentary job advertisement possibility to any stakeholders of the shipping industry to maximise the open job opportunities to meet the available candidates.

“Through Sea Focus, we have had the chance to elaborate potential opportunities and increasing our know how with international leading experts introduced by SeaFocus. This is an asset which we can use also in the time of irregularities management occupying majority of our own resources”, says Mr Herlin, Commercial Director of Finnlines.

SeaFocus and Finnlines look forward a fruitful collaboration this and in the coming years.

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