From Trainee to SeaFocus Marketing Manager

Ayodele Makinde has been appointed as a Marketing Manager at SeaFocus.

As a SeaFocus Trainee and later Marketing Lead Intern, Ayodele Makinde has shown his diligence and great interest in learning new things. He has done an excellent job and without any hesitation executed all tasks given to him quickly and faultlessly, giving all his knowledge and abilities for the case in question.

He joined SeaFocus by participating the IntelligenceHunt, Student and Company Competition, as a student finalist in Autumn 2018. He was a team member of the international student team, which won the whole competition with a case “Yvonne Ryding Cosmetics Goes East – Case Study of a Market Entry Strategy to the Russian Market” by Yvonne Ryding Cosmetics. Since then has has been a SeaFocus Trainee. He was as a live-interviewer and a jury member of the IntelligenceHunt5 Finals in Oslo, June 2019, and the student mentor to team P.O.R.O, at the just concluded IntelligenceHunt6 in Turku, Finland. 

Ayodele is an epistemophilic individual with high emotional intelligence and a burning passion for excellence. He is passionate about how products and services are well-branded, promoted and supplied to the end users, through clear-cut techniques. In his profile, he has proved his ability to work in different market fields by applying key transferable skills to achieve constant success. As a sales and marketing professional in B2B and B2C business marketing communication, with impressive performances throughout his 7 years of experience in advertising, media communication, market research and maritime industry, he has worked hard to become a "mobile asset". 

He is currently rounding off his maters degree program in the university of Eastern Finland and would submit his final thesis in May, 2020.

"I am looking forward to pursuing my career in B2B, B2C and B2G marketing and leading the maritime businesses in more profitable directions through sustainable and efficient collaborations. I am ready to take on challenging roles in securing quality services and improving customer relationships through business communication skills and application of 'emotion and reason in consumer behaviour'. I am confident and resilient, with good presentation skills and ability to adapt to new environments, even under pressure", says Ayodele.

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