Future Capabilities and Competences in Ports

Mr. Ville Haapasaari (B. 1971), M.Sc.(Forest Economy), is the CEO of the Port of Helsinki since April 2018.

Prior to this appointment he worked at Finavia as the Senior Vice President and Helsinki Airport Director 2012-2018. Before that he worked as a Transport Manager and Sales Manager with various responsibilities at Finnlines for a total of 14 years. His main emphasis was on the head of business positions and sales management. Previously, Haapasaari has worked for eg. forest industry transports.

Mr. Haapasaari has a wide know-how of shipping and a truly impressive track record of managing the airport. His main competences are business management, logistics know-how, managing development projects and working in customer interface both in b-b and b-c business environment.

As an Inspiring Speaker of the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals Mr Haapasaari will speak about “Future Capabilities and Competences in Ports”.

The Port of Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe and the main port for foreign trade in Finland. The Port of Helsinki Ltd creates a seamless framework for sea traffic to destinations such as Tallinn and Stockholm. In 2018, a total of 12.1 million passengers travelled through the Port of Helsinki.

The Port of Helsinki is also Finland’s leading general port for foreign trade. In 2018, a total of 14.7 million tonnes of goods were transported via the Port of Helsinki. The main export commodities are products for the forest industry, machinery and equipment, whereas in imports the most prominent product group are daily consumer goods.

In 2018, the turnover of Port of Helsinki Ltd was 97 million euros.

The Port of Helsinki Ltd is a limited company owned by the City of Helsinki.

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