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Alexander Varvarenko, the CEO and Founder of SHIPNEXT is one of the Inspiring Speakers of the IntelligenceHunt6 Finals in Turku, January 22. Mr Varvarenko will speak about Future Shipping.

In 2002 Alexander Varvarenko became an intern at the shipping company VOCS (Van Omeren Clipper Steel) that operates maritime transport between Europe and USA. Then he switched to Bruges to the Belgian representative office of the Danish company FLAMAR/CEC Line based in Copenhagen. In 2004 he became the head of the Freight department.

Starting from 2006 Alexander Varvarenko worked as the director of the shipping company Kaalbye Projects, Ukraine, Odessa.

In 2009 he founded the shipping company VARAMAR. Within the ten years of company’s existence they opened offices in Vancouver, Hamburg, Genoa, Limassol and Dubai, involved in dry-bulk, break-bulk, heavy and oversized cargo transportation. VARAMAR became the first company that started to use Bitcoin in freight payments.

In 2014 Alexander Varvarenko became a partner at the touristic company INSKY, in 2015 he cofounded MYCO, a social network for business owners and directors and in 2016 he founded SHIPNEXT – world Maritime Commercial space and transport online-platform (market-place) for international cargo transportation, currently used by over 2600 international companies with offices in the US, Singapore, Honk Kong, and Ukraine.

The company aims to promote processes of digitalization and automation in maritime transportation. It improves transparency as well as lowers supply chain participant costs. Uses technologies based on blockchain principles, which is the basis for the introduction of the electronic bill of lading. In 2019 SHIPNEXT got prizes by Seatrade Awards (London) and Global Grain (Geneva) in the field of digital technologies for transport and maritime transportation. In 2019 SHIPNEXT has announced a partnership with BootUP Ventures LLC from Silicon Valley.


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