High Need for New Multi Talent Game Changers in the Maritime Field

The maritime business is highly significant for the Finnish economy. The maritime industry alone gives jobs to 28,300 people and generates a total annual turnover of 8 billion euros. Together with shipping and port operations, the entire maritime cluster gives jobs to 48,800 people, producing a total annual turnover of 13.1 billion euros. The operations of maritime industries are continuously expanding.

The new requirements for safe, healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly maritime activities together with rapidly developing design and analysis tools and the application of big data on the optimized ship design and operations will also change the content of the education in the near future. Multi-talent young generation representatives are needed to tackle the challenges in the field. Problem based learning is widely applied in education to analyze and find the optimum and sustainable multidisciplinary solution needed in the maritime field.

Maritime challenges are wide and linked requiring advanced tools and analytics to find the best future solutions

On various levels of the maritime education, the content of the courses is continuously updated to include the latest development and future needs for the educated talents in the field. There is also high demand to combine the expertise of various disciplines such as naval architecture, computer science, energy technology, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, system engineering, arts and economics. The leading universities will offer possibilities to combine the expertise as part of the present study programs.

IntelligenceHunt project which brings together companies and university students to work together on real life company cases on supply chain and logistics is an excellent way to take the education into the next level, where the young talents can utilize their learnings in concrete business environment.

Aalto University is an Academic Partner to SeaFocus.

Aalto University has prepared a summary of the education possibilities in the maritime field in Finland. We have to look for the future in spite of challenges and challenging times.

Finnish Maritime is reviewed extensively in the document showing the wide variety career possibilities in the rapidly developing maritime cluster.

Information about the present study programs for future talents on the maritime field in Finland can be found on the new booklet:

> Merialalla on tulevaisuutta (Booklet in Finnish)

> Maritime is the Future (Booklet in English)

Article by Professor Pentti Kujala, Marine Technology, Aalto University

Photo from the Booklet

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