Intelligence Hunt 5 Jury has been Nominated

Inviting the Jury Members for the Intelligence Hunt project has always been an interesting project as such.

There are some principles we follow:

  1. the jury must have both academic and business understanding

  2. the jury must be international with representatives of different nationalities

  3. the jury must have members from both the genders

  4. the jury must have members from different age groups

  5. the jury has one member which is either a team or an individual student – the winner of the previous Intelligence Hunt or some student with passion to support our work

Intelligence Hunt 5 jury represents all of the above principles at its best.

Our two academic members of the jury

  • Professor Dong-Wook Song, Maritime Economics and Logistics, World Maritime University, Sweden and

  • Professor Alan McKinnon, Logistics, Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg, Germany

The shipowners’ representatives

  • Tom O Kleppesto, General Manager, Shipping & Offshore Network, Norway and

  • Tiina Tuurnala, Managing Director, Finnish Shipowners´ Association, Finland

The business representatives

  • Joanna Pawluczuk, Managing Partner, 2Market Global, Singapore and

  • Heli Koukkula-Teixeira, COO, SeaFocus, Finland.

One important part of the Jury is the student representatives, the winners of the #IntelligenceHunt4 project; Ferdous Alam Pathwary from University of Jyväskylä, Vivianne Lauslahti from Oxford Brookes University, UK, Ayodele Makinde from University of Eastern Finland and Valeria Poberezhnaya, Vladimir Syropyatov and Anastasia Orlova from the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, St.Petersburg, Russia.

With Joanna Pawluczuk we are planning a special annual Intelligence Hunt event to South East Asia, and thus her presence in the Jury is more than welcome to guarantee continuity and the concept remaining the same and yet developing to be different enough. 

"I am extremely proud of such high-level professionals to give their time and efforts in the Intelligence Hunt 5 project – “Blue Economy – Maritime Industry and Responsible Growth” and look forward to a wonderful project again, which strengthens the basis for the next one to follow."

Ulla Keino, CEO, SeaFocus

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