#IntelligenceHunt3 Jury Criteria

The Jury of the #IntelligenceHunt3

Chairman of the Jury: MARKKU MYLLY, Executive Director, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Lisbon, Portugal, HÅKAN FAGERSTRÖM, Group Head of Cargo, Tallink Grupp AS, Helsinki, Finland, ULLA TAPANINEN, Adjunct Professor PhD, Senior Advisor, City of Helsinki, Finland, MANUEL KRONSEDER, Engineer, > Valmet Technologies, Helsinki, Finland and FRANK KHO, Senior Advisor, Kho Management BV, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Jury Criteria

1) Question itself. How well the solution answers the problem?

2) Out of the box approaches

3) Feasibility:

  • Can the solution be realized? Is the technology available?

  • What about the business case?

4) Team: do they have required resources to carry on with development of the solution?

5) Presentation: clearness of the presentation of the solution

6) Team work during the project and in the Finals, feedback received from the Intelligence Hunt project coordinator

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