#IntelligenceHunt5 Main Award Published - Finals 7.6 at Nor-Shipping

The international Student Teams have been working on the Case Company assignments now for about 1,5-2 months. The Intelligence Hunt 5 project is coming to its end and the Finals will be held in Oslo in conjunction with the Nor-Shipping Maritime Trade Fair on Friday 7th of June.

The Jury members will receive the Executive Summaries prepared by the Student Teams by the end of May and the evaluation work starts.

The teams will be evaluated paying attention to their teamwork, how their solution meets the company assignment, what kind of methods and skills they have used, of their information searching and team working skills, and ultimately even what is the outcome and their “selling” skills on stage.

The whole event, the Finals, will be broadcasted by the Nor-Shipping TV and live streamed by SeaFocus.

The Main Award of the Intelligence Hunt 5 Competition is: Participation at the 9th Ocean Exchange Finals in Fort Lauderdale October 28-30th, 2019 as special guests, whose presence and achievements will be announced in the event. The Winner Team will have a possibility to meet and interact with the organizers, the other guests and the finalists of this closed event. The finals of Ocean Exchange will feature twelve innovative, sustainable worldwide solutions that demonstrate the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources. Eight finalists will be invited to present at Ocean Exchange in front of 150 delegates from business, NGOs, academia, and government. The awards of the 9th Ocean Exchange are $100 000 WW Orcelle Award, the $100 000 Neptune Award and $10,000 Collegiate Award.

We, SeaFocus, as an organizer are very excited and proud about the co-operation with the Ocean Exchange and wait impatiently which of these wonderful teams and individuals will win the IntelligenceHunt5 and this wonderful award. We also thank Roger Strevens from Wallenius Wilhelmsen, one of our inspiring speakers of introducing SeaFocus and Ocean Exchange to each other and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Exchange, Millicent Pitts, of this great initiative for an award.

> More about the Ocean Exchange

Dear Student Finalists of the Intelligence Hunt 5 good luck for all of you !

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