IntelligenceHunt5 Winner Student Team Hermes and Case Wärtsilä

As a maritime technology company Wärtsilä is geared to support industry compliance in the IMO’s aim to reduce GHG emissions with 40% by 2030 per transport work and with 50% of total GHG emissions by 2050 compared to 2008 level. Wärtsilä wanted to begin a discussion from the shipper’s perspective and to see a holistic route ranking for transportation of passengers and for shippers of intermodal cargo based on cost, carbon foot print and time.

To optimize not only the cost, but also service level and sustainable supply chain management, Wärtsilä launched a case assignment to IntelligenceHunt5 student team Hermes. The task was to create a route ranking and comparison application with following criteria: Carbon footprint of transport, cost of the total journey, time from A to B.

"Route Ranking Case: Ferry as a Part of Transport Chain" assignment was given to the Student Team "Hermes"with Calvin Kho from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Chia Palkonen from the Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland, Andre Holtkamp from University of Siegen, Germany, Gift Okafor from the University of Eastern Finland and Rajinder Kumar from the World Maritime University, Sweden.

In the photo: Vesa Marttinen, Wärtsilä, Chia Palkonen and Calvin Kho, the team Hermes, who presented their team solution at the IntelligenceHunt 5 Finals in Oslo 7.6.2019.

The main award of the IntelligenceHunt5 competition was: Participation at the 9th Ocean Exchange Finals in Fort Lauderdale October 28-30th, 2019 as VIP guests, whose presence and achievements will be announced in the event. The team Hermes will have a possibility to meet and interact with the organizers, the other guests and the finalists of this closed event. The finals of Ocean Exchange will feature twelve innovative, sustainable worldwide solutions that demonstrate the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources.

SeaFocus congratulates and is very proud of the winner team IH5Hermes, who even created a name for their App "AURORA" - Automatic Route Ranker and designed a logo for it following Wärtsilä´s graphic instructions.

We also want to thank Roger Strevens from Wallenius Wilhelmsen, one of our inspiring speakers of introducing SeaFocus and Ocean Exchange to each other and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Exchange, Millicent Pitts, of this great initiative for an award for the IntelligenceHunt5 winners.

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