Johan Elzes, Ahlers - Inspiring Speaker

Johan Elzes is a Dutch national who has been living and working in Russia since 2011. He is a Director of a Business Unit Trade Facilitation & After Sales Services at Ahlers in St.Petersburg, Russia. This Business Unit is to support international premium brands to develop their business in the complex markets.

In his presentation in the IntelligenceHunt Company and Student competition, Johan Elzes will bring us to a journey of “Growth in the Complex Markets  - True Stories of Customer Innovation”.

Johan Elzes has a Masters Degree in Russian literature. After his graduation he decided to work and live a year in Russia to gain experience. This was in 2011 and he never left.

Mr. Elzes started in sales with Ahlers, selling DDP deliveries to Russia. This means that as logistics provider, Ahlers does not only do the logistics, but also takes care of the import into Russia and the further sales of the goods, on behalf of its customers. In this sense, companies can outsource the complexity of doing business in a challenging region as Russia to Ahlers and receive real value from it. As such Ahlers supports international premium brands to develop their business in Russia. Ahlers itself is a Belgian logistics company with a strong regional presence in Russia and the wider CIS region. In fact, the CIS region is the biggest region of Ahlers worldwide representing 50% of Ahlers’ total business.

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