Maritime Transport by Ulla Tapaninen

What are the major factors influencing the structure of maritime transport in the Baltic Sea? Why do Finnish ships carry German trailers without drivers, whereas the ones going to Sweden and Estonia have drivers? Why do containers have such a minor role in Finland? Why are ships in a hurry, if their cargo ends up spending days lying on the floor of some warehouse anyway?

"For 25 years I have been striving to understand the factors that shape our maritime industry into what it is today. The goal is to better understand what kind of concepts and principles fundamentally govern the industry, so that we can, if possible, better predict its future, " says Docent Ulla Tapaninen.

Finland is highly dependent on maritime transportation; depending on the method of calculation, 80–90 per cent of Finnish foreign trade is transported by sea. With developing technology and tightening environmental and safety regulations, Finland’s foreign trade transported by sea will face new challenges.

This book written by Docent Ulla Tapaninen has been written with an eye to maritime economics and maritime logistics studies in universities or universities of applied sciences. There are some good and comprehensive books on maritime logistics available internationally, but they are mainly written from the point of view of ocean transportation, and it might be challenging for a student to apply such theory in the Baltic Sea region.

The book’s main purpose is to answer the following questions: what a shipping company’s business consists of and how it can be made profitable in the long term. Simultaneously, the book lays down the basics of chartering and cargo port operations.

The first part of the book examines Finland’s foreign trade, maritime transport in the Baltic Sea and global maritime transport. The theory of maritime economics is introduced in the second part we’ll examine the connection between different logistics cost items. The third part examines the formation of freight and ship markets, and the business of a ship company. Finally, the epilogue examines the relationship between all these elements and discusses the future of responsible maritime transport.

"Writing this book has been an adventure, and I have been enthusiastically driven to find answers to the questions that I presented at the beginning of this preface. It has also given me a chance to solve the numerous other questions that I have been asked over the years, and to which I have not been able to give an adequate answer," says Ulla Tapaninen

The first edition of this book was published in 2013 in Finnish by Gaudeamus. Over the years this book has found its place in maritime industry education in Finland. During this time, maritime transport has also changed a lot. Development has been especially quick in the fields of digitalization and environment.

This is a new edition also for international audience with updated information and statistics as well as insights into the future of the field.

"First, I’d like to thank all the students and colleagues who have bothered me with their questions over the years, and also apologize to them if my answers have been incorrect. This book is for you!"

"Special thanks for this international edition belong to Mrs. Ulla Keino, SeaFocus, who first got inspired by this book and then introduced me to Julia Swales from Kogan Page. Thank you, both of you, for making this international edition to come true."

Docent Ulla Tapaninen (Ph.D) has some 20 years of experience in maritime transport-related research and development at shipping companies, universities and in the public sector. She has worked as the environmental director of a shipping company and a professor of maritime logistics, and is currently working as the chief of the business services department of the City of Helsinki.

Tapaninen has also written the book Logistiikka ja liikennejärjestelmät (Logistics and Transport Systems) (2018), published by Gaudeamus / Otatieto.

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