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Port of Kokkola is the third largest general port in Finland. Cargo traffic through the port has experienced a powerful growth thanks to development efforts characterized by long term and thorough planning. 

The General Port, the Deep Port and the Silverstone Port form an efficient entity – the Port of Kokkola.

The most important success factors of the port are, among others, customer friendly service, competitive pricing and investments in modern cargo handling equipment. Port of Kokkola is the preferred and foremost port in Finland serving the mining industry. The knowhow of the logistics required by the mining industry is based on a cooperation that goes back more than 50 years. In addition to the mining industry, Port of Kokkola is an important actor in the transit traffic from and to Russia. The third significant customer group is the industry and the local trade in Kokkola.

In the close vicinity of the port the industry concentration of Kokkola Industry Park (KIP) is established. This Industry Park is the largest concentration of non-organic chemical industry in Northern Europe. More than 60 companies are established in the area, employing more than 2 000 persons. Major investments are also made in the Industry Park. The companies active in the Kokkola Industry Park have announced additional investments, amounting to a total of 110 million Euros, in 2012 and 2013 in Kokkola.

The versatile service equipment offered by the Port of Kokkola makes providing of individually tailor-made quality services to the customers. In the production of the service packages the reliable and highly professional partners of the port, the largest of which are the stevedoring companies Oy M.Rauanheimo Ab and Hacklin Bulk Service Oy, and the railway operator VR Transpoint, play a decisive role.

Port of Kokkola is one of the Case Companies participating the IntelligenceHunt6 Student and Company Competition. Their Case Assignment for the Student Team "KID - Kokkola in Dust" is "Water Treatment in Terminals of Dry Bulk Ports in Europe - Best Practices".

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