Port of Raahe – One of the Busiest Ports in Finland

The Port of Raahe Ltd was found in 2015 as the City of Raahe corporatized it´s port operations.

Thanks to it´s scheduled routes to other European countries, including the UK, those on the Mediterranean Sea and in the Baltic region, it´s excellent rail and road connections, and it´s certified and customer-oriented service the Port of Raahe is one of the busiest ports in Finland.

Raahe is the second largest port on the Gulf of Bothnia in terms of freight traffic. The port has about 600-650 ship calls annually. The Port of Raahe handles approximately 5,5-6,0 tonnes of cargo annually. In 2018 the Port of Raahe generated a turnover of EUR 5,370,000 with a profit of EUR 647,000.

Hub for Import and Export

The Port of Raahe has been an excellent hub for year-round maritime import and export for over 40 years. Raahe is located close to Highway 8 and along an electrified railroad. There are good rail connections to Russia. Various raw materials, bulk cargo, steel, timber and containers are shipped to and from the Port of Raahe, in addition to individual project consignments.

The port provides container and warehousing services. The port has a wide range of high-quality equipment that enables efficient cargo handling. The new container stuffing terminal provides and efficient container stuffing service at Lapaluoto port area. The container stuffing system can be used for loading timber, steel and other goods suitable for container transport.

The most important values of the operations are safety and environmental care.

Continues Development

In April 2017 a new stevedoring company, Hooli Stevedoring Oy, was established in Raahe to operate cargo handling and warehousing and a container stuffing terminal in Lapaluoto port area.

Fairway sailing depth is 10 meters. Extension dredging of dock basin in deep-water area was made in 2018, also RORO-ramp was built at the same time.

The highly specialized global steel factory SSAB operates a major steelworks in Raahe. Imports to and exports from the steelworks guarantee a steady stream of cargo through the port all year round.

There is also about 30 hectares free area to establish new importing or exporting factory in deep-water harbour.

The strengths of the harbor include the handling of raw materials, various project transports such as the import of wind turbines to Raahe and extensive port areas.

Some of the new ships operating in Raahe use LNG as fuel.

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Please, for further information www.portofraahe.fi

Port of Raahe is one of the Case Companies at the IntelligenceHunt6 project.

Kaarlo Heikkinen, Managing Director, Port of Raahe

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