Recognition Award by SeaFocus to the Student Team P.O.R.O. - Port of Raahe Organisation

The Finals of the 6th Intelligence Hunt Company and Student Competition took place January 22 at the NaviGate2020 Maritime Trade Fair in Turku Finland.

Ten case company representatives from Meyer Turku, Port of Naantali and Stevena, ESL Shipping, MacGregor, Port of Raahe, Port of Kalajoki and Rahja Stevedoring, Sweco and Port of Kokkola presented their case assignment to the teams, after which the student teams presented their solutions to the given tasks. The teams worked in total three months on the case assignments.

Recognition Award by SeaFocus

SeaFocus as an organiser of the whole company and student competition also wanted to grant a Recognition Award to the team, which work the management found the most professional throughout the project. The Recognition Award this time was an Invitation as Follower Participants to a high-level SeaFocus Annual Executive Meeting, which takes place Autumn 2020 in Helsinki, at the Hotel Kämp. This is a really great opportunity for these young talents to learn more about the maritime and supply chain industry, to network and to build important contacts for their future.

This Award was granted to the Student Team P.O.R.O. – Port of Raahe Organisation.

P.O.R.O. was working on an assignment given by the Port of Raahe. The assignment was: “Sustainable Ports Towards Future Challenges” and the work was steered by Mr Kaarlo Heikkinen, the CEO of the Port of Raahe.

The Team P.O.R.O., with Aivis Abele from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway, Dhaneswara Amien from the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Juuso Kallio and Rainer Kravets from Aalto University School of Business, Finland, did an excellent job from the start as the team was formed until the Finals presentation on stage. The project management and teamwork were very high-level. All necessary information and documents were delivered in time and with high quality. The stage presentation was very well prepared. P.O.R.O was were also very initiative rich and innovative. The Team´s solution to the task was right to the point and valuable to the Port of Raahe. 

The Mentor of P.O.R.O. was Mr Markku Mylly, who has a long experience in the maritime sector since 1973. He was sailing in Finnish merchant ships until 1987, when he joined Finnish Maritime Administration. He worked in FMA until 2010 and he was the 10th and last Director General of FMA. In 2010 Mr Mylly moved to Finnish Port Association and worked there as a CEO until joined EMSA in 2012 September. Mr Mylly was the Executive Director of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in Lisbon, Portugal 2012-2018.

The Student Mentor of the team was SeaFocus Trainee Ayodele Makinde. He himself participated the competition a year ago, in the IntelligenceHunt4, in a team which won the competition that time. Ayodele has a Master´s Degree, Biology of Environmental Change from the University of Eastern Finland.

SeaFocus congratulates and thanks the Student Team P.O.R.O. and the Port of Raahe!

In the photo from left: Ayodele Makinde, Dhanesware Amien, Aivis Abele, Juuso Kallio, Kaarlo Heikkinen, Markku Mylly and Rainer Kravets.

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