Revolutionising Emission Mapping with Aeromon

It is time to change the traditional way of measuring emissions. Aeromon reveals the true extent of airborne emission measurement and visualizing more than 70 different gases and particulate matter. With Aeromon’s solutions you can have automatic reporting of your emissions with a 360 degree view.

In order to meet industry compliance set by the International Maritime Office (IMO), new means of measuring, mapping and visualizing emissions are needed.

With the view of accurate reporting, Aeromon would like to offer its services to the stakeholders within the maritime industry. The aim of this case assignment is to present a comprehensive solution to detect and monitor port’s airborne emissions, so that relevant parties can take proper actions and manage their emissions for regulatory compliance and better environment.

Aeromon is participating the IntelligentHunt5 project as a Case Company. The title of their case is "How to Expand a Company with Wide Range of Emission Monitoring Services and Technology to a European Level Flagship?"

The student team working on the case: “B.A.M.S. - Blue Air Management Sensors” with Ronit Patel from International School of Management, Dortmund, Germany, Jason Barbopoulous from Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece, Fhaysal Jadoon and Annette Muriithi from World Maritime University (WMU), Sweden and Mark Siatta from Nord University, Norway.

Photo credits: Aeromon

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